Sunsets across the harbour

“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.” Jo Walton

One of the things we love about Portugal is obviously the fantastic weather – right now we are in shorts and T-shirts and the sun is hot! That also means that we can enjoy some amazingly beautiful sunsets before we rush to put on a jumper!

Dave has been out and about in Alvor lately, it’s a pretty little fishing village near Portimão; which also has an incredibly long boardwalk to stomp along all the way to the beach or the lighthouses on the rocks. Alvor is a nice place to wander round – and a fantastic location to watch the sun set – so we thought we would just share some shots with you of the setting sun across the harbour:

Sunset Alvor harbour #001

There are always great boats you can put in the foreground! 

Sunset Alvor harbour #002

and then the sky begins to change colour:

Sunset Alvor harbour #003

and the sea reflects the amazing glinting gold:

Sunset Alvor harbour #004

then the blood red sky paints its finale:

Sunset Alvor harbour #005

and you are just left wanting more!

Sunset Alvor harbour #006

Hope you enjoy them!

All images are © 2013 Dave Sheldrake – please ask us before you use any!

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37 Responses to Sunsets across the harbour

  1. oasien says:

    Très belles photos.

  2. Gorgeous – I do miss a good sunset by the sea.

  3. Andrea says:

    These are beautiful photographs.

  4. samiveloso says:

    Great photos Alyson, congratulations to your husband of course!!

  5. Full of beauty, that’s what the brush of God and a good photographer can do. Wonderful post, wonderful place, incredible pictures!

  6. restlessjo says:

    I knew this was Dave’s work before I even looked at the blog name, Aly. He’s definitely got a distinctive style going on. I managed a few sunrises but not so many sunsets this trip. We were usually collapsed back at the house by then. Did some beautiful walks and an afternoon at the Bela Romao Croquet Country Club, but didn’t get out your way or I’d have given you a shout..

    • ferragudofan says:

      ah thanks Jo – glad you liked them – must get back over your way again soon and do justice to Tavira – we keep getting there late afternoon which is too late for the light at this time of year – it all faces the wrong way for the setting sun!!! have to try getting up earlier in the morning (ha ha!!!)
      must catch up next time you are out x

  7. i’m a sunset lover extraordinaire! 🙂 We live where there are so many trees it’s difficult to see the horizon. But I find my way as regularly as possible down to the ocean at sunset–I think sunsets are spiritual food! Love these photos–they are gorgeous. 🙂

  8. I absolutely love the second and fifth shots. The are all lovely but those two sing to me.

  9. my secret love for you says:

    Beautiful pictures!!!

  10. quirkybooks says:

    Beautiful photos. maybe you should try selling some to a magazine.

  11. hotel says:

    It was very nice post. I like the presentation skill of you in this post. I like to make trip now their.

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  13. Derry says:

    Just Stunning every evenig on the Algarve has that special touch of magic!

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