Centro de Saúde Healthcare in Portugal

“Ooh I couldn’t live abroad – what about healthcare?!” We have heard that said to us so many times before, and people often quote the need for having private healthcare as a pre-requisite for being able to live here in Portugal – which we have never had.

We’re just regular people on the normal state healthcare system here as residents .. although I have never actually had to use my ‘Documento de Identificação do Utente do SNS’ before .. until yesterday!

After a late night walk with our little dog on Sunday night, and having a shocking experience with two feral cats attacking us – my leg certainly came off worse with a series of nasty scratches and bites, and it was obvious that at the very least I knew that I would need a tetanus shot.

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Selling a house in the Algarve

Well we have certainly been busy lately! And we make no apologies for this little post being a shameless bit of self-marketing!

It is always hard to know what to do when you want to sell or promote your property for rent here on the Algarve – how to choose an estate agent to sell your house when they all basically seem to be the same … and they all want you to sign up to their exclusive contract with an eye-wateringly high 5% + IVA (at 23% of the 5%) commission rates.

So we were determined that we wanted to find a way to do it differently .. and it led us to also find an interesting little gap in the marketing world out here as we wanted to create our own bespoke online brochure .. and realised that we would have to do it ourselves as there is no-one out here doing anything like this .. well … up until now!

So ta-da! here it is .. our first ever Property For Sale brochure .. needless to say if you are interested in finding out more information .. do let us know … !

Click on the image below to view our brochure:

Bela Vista Ferragudo house for sale brochure algarve blog

It led us to start thinking about how bespoke brochures can be used in so many ways to promote and market a property – whether you want to sell – or rent – your property – or if you have a Holiday Rental Property .. not just here in the Algarve of course, but anywhere in the world. Continue reading

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Silves Medieval Mural art

The city of Silves has been busy brightening up its streets thanks to the brilliant grafitti art work of Hélder José (known as ‘Bamby’), and Filipe Gusmão, of Style Spectrum:

Silves Medieval Mural Algarve Blog

They have been busy transforming the area in front of the Municipal Library, near to the Praca Al-Muthamid gardens – and the results are fabulous. Continue reading

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Cancer Charity Golf Day in June

Vale de Lobo Golf Dave Sheldrake Photography Algarve Blog

We would like to share a very special event with you which Dave Sheldrake Photography, together with our friends at Chilli Pepper Productions and other local companies, are proud to be sponsoring this June.

The event is organized by Niamh’s Next Step Neuroblastoma Cancer Charity. The charity was set up 5 years ago when the parents of Niamh Curry lost their little girl to this terrible disease. Niamh had battled tirelessly with her Mum, Dad and sister against this childhood cancer for the last 18 months of her life, but unfortunately lost her life. Her family decided that they wanted to set up a charity to provide a legacy for their daughter and to help other children and families who were going through the same terrible ordeal.

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The White Storks are nesting

The magnificent sight of a White Stork in full flight is one of the most amazing sights for us here in the Algarve.

White Storks Algarve Blog

Although we know a little about these beautiful birds, who are believed to bring good luck and fertility to the home over which it built its nest, we thought we would research them a little more – and found out some very interesting facts about them. Continue reading

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‘Algarve Pop Up Art’ at Easter

New ‘Pop Up’ Gallery opens exclusively for Easter weekend – introducing and showcasing an exciting and vibrant mix of 10 artists and artisan crafters who will be exhibiting together under a brand new Algarve ‘Pop Up Art’ venture.

Algarve pop Up Art Easter Algarve Blog

We have been staging and promoting our own pop-up exhibitions since we moved to live and work in the Algarve five years ago; ‘Algarve Pop Up Art’ is a new concept for the Algarve, creating exclusive ‘pop up’ events and exhibitions showcasing hand-selected and unique art, crafts, photography and gifts for the discerning buyer. Continue reading

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Brexit for Brits in Portugal

The triggering of Article 50 on the 29th March is destined to be an historic day for both Britain and Europe. But what is it going to mean for Brits living in Portugal – or even for Brits wanting to travel and holiday here?

We attended an information evening held here in the Algarve hosted by the British Ambassador to Portugal, Kirsty Hayes, to try to find out some answers. The talk was one of a series hosted by the British Embassy in Portugal, ably assisted by their staff, including our own Vice Consul, Clive Jewell, who is based in the Consulate building here in Portimão:

Brexit for Brits in Portugal Algarve Blog

In fairness to the Ambassador, there were obviously going to be a lot of areas of uncertainty, and questions which at this time she would not be able to answer fully; the triggering of Article 50 is going to be the starting point for a whole range of negotiations with both the EU as a whole, and countries in turn, including Portugal. It was however reassuring to meet the Ambassador and hear the current position of the British government in relation to their UK citizens abroad, and also to feel that our questions and concerns were both being heard and fed back to the UK. Continue reading

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