The local Magusto Fair in Alferce

We have a bit of a joke running with friends who took us to visit the quaint village of Alferce near Monchique … that no-one actually lives there! It’s a tiny village, with a population, according to Wiki, of 441 people in an area of 96.12 km² .. however when we visited we didn’t see a soul and nothing was open!

So when we saw their annual Magusto – or Chestnut – Fair advertised – we thought it would be fun to visit and see if anybody turned up. Well .. what a suprise we had! The village certainly comes to life on the 1st November, and we had a fantastic day out – alongside several hundred other people!

Magusto Fair in Alferce Algarve Blog

Admittedly when we arrive at midday – it was a bit quiet .. even if the village’s church did tell us it was 4.40pm … glad to see it wasn’t just us that couldn’t get the hang of the clocks changing last Sunday! Most of the stalls around the main square were just getting set up .. but that gave us a chance to have a wander around this pretty little village. Continue reading

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SisterMAG in the Monchique

If you were in Monchique recently – and saw a film crew, camera crew and a cute little black dog sampling the local culinary delights .. that was probably us entertaining the delightful crew from the German magazine sisterMAG

sister-MAG Algarve Blog Monchique

We were contacted by the Berlin-based magazine and asked if we could help them with an upcoming feature they have on Global Gourmet food they are going to be covering in a future edition in conjunction with TUI travel. They were travelling round Portugal – coming to the Algarve – and could we recommend anywhere?!

So we offered to show them Monchique and treat them to our favourite piri-piri chicken restaurant. Well it seemed rude not to show them round ….! Continue reading

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Flea Market in Ferragudo

We have to admit that we’re not exactly big fans of the monthly flea markets that pop up across the Algarve – our local one in Ferragudo comes round with amazing regularity on the second Sunday of each month – but we thought you might be interested to find out more about them – and we’ll let you decide for yourselves whether they are a good thing or not!

Flea Market Ferragudo Village Algarve Blog

The first thing we notice are the signs for No Parking that pop up a few days before the Sunday in question … we always groan and say ‘oh it’s ‘tat market’ day again on Sunday’ Continue reading

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Fires rage across the Algarve

Once again we have witnessed the devastation that a forest fire can cause here in the Algarve – this time it was all a bit too close for comfort, as the fires at Foia and Monchique last weekend raced uncontrollably close to our friends’ house.

The beautiful regions of Foia, Monchique and Caldas de Monchique all suffered from raging fires at the weekend, causing panic, devastation and destruction in their wake.

The top of Foia is such a majestic and peaceful place, it’s hard to imagine this view ravaged by flames:


Sadly it would also appear that the fires were all started deliberately, which is a terrible thing. The incident is being dealt with by the local police and we have little information other than the fires all appear to have been started deliberately by a 49-year old man from Loulé.

What never fails to amaze us with such incidents is the sheer bravery of the Bombeiros – and the kindness and generosity of local and expat people who come together to support the fire-fighting, so we have put this post together as an information point for both locals and holidaymakers alike. Continue reading

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Silves Medieval Fair 2016 in pictures

The town of Silves was once more transformed into a Medieval Wonderland for ten days and we were there to take some shots for you all to enjoy again this year…

Silves Medieval Fair 2016 Algarve Blog

Many of you will know that this is one of the highlights of the Algarve calendar for us each year, and this year Dave’s camera was busy again shooting the sights and people of the event for you to enjoy. Continue reading

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Homes by the Med TV programme

Do you want to be on the telly?!

We’ve been contacted by the Channel 4 Television series ‘Homes by the Med’ which celebrates brilliant design and architecture as well as the joys of coastal living.

Homes by the Med TV programme Algarve Blog

The series is presented by architectural designer Charlie Luxton and is based on the premise that it’s the dream of many people to have a home by the sea, especially abroad. The programme focuses on the properties and their stunning sea views but equally they are interested in the stories of the people who live in them. Continue reading

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The new Explore Algarve app hits the heights

We are delighted to be able to introduce you to a fabulous new app that is taking the Algarve by storm – it’s the new Explore Algarve app and we can highly recommend it!

Explore Algarve app Algarve Blog

We decided to contact the owner and designer of the app, Don McGowan, and in our usual Algarve Blog way; ask him some pertinent questions about himself – and also the app – so here goes with our interview: Continue reading

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