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If you have a minute I’d love it if you could vote for my book!

It has made it to the Top 100 book covers in the Allauthor Cover of the Month Competition … and with your vote, it could go even further!

It only takes a couple of seconds to vote (there is nothing to register or log into) – just click the link here and then click the orange ‘Vote’ button.

And if you voted in the last round – thank you! You can vote again in this round too.

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Living the Dream – vote now!

Cover of the Month

Living the Dream: in the Algarve, Portugal

Hey Everyone,
I’m excited to tell you that my book has been nominated for the “Cover of the Month” contest on I would be so thrilled if you could take a moment to vote for my book. You don’t have to be a member to vote.
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Thank you so much,
Alyson Sheldrake
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Martin’s Culinary School Carvoeiro

We are delighted at Algarve Blog to be partnering with the Real Estate Agents Togofor-Homes Lda and we will be sharing and promoting some of their blog posts in the coming months.


Togofor-Homes have been in the Algarve region since 2005. They have an extensive portfolio which covers all types, locations and prices of properties available for sale, and they have offices in Lagos, Vilamoura (Head Office), and Tavira, and a partner office in Quinta do Lago.  They have sales consultants based all across the Algarve. You can find out more about them via their website – just click the link here: Togofor-Homes Lda

We will be sharing an excerpt from a selected blog post, followed by a link which will take you over to their site, where you can continue reading the article. We hope that you enjoy this extension to our blog posts and material provided here at Algarve Blog.

Here’s the first article for you:

Martin’s Culinary School, February 2020, Carvoeiro

Peter and Susanna from Togofor-Homes real estate agency, recently ‘dared’ to take part in a cookery course from Martin’s Culinary Art School & Restaurant. Here Susanna tells how it all began in the market halls of the ‘Mercado Municipal’ in Portimão.

Here is a photo of Martin‘s culinary restaurant in Carvoeiro Martins Kulinarium which he runs with his family:

cookery course

“The menu included various fish delicacies, vegetables, roasted lamb shoulder and dips. After a successful shop we went to the cooking school in Carvoeiro. Our classmates were: Gabi from Lagos, Dieter – the undisputed truffle and mushroom master from Germany currently in Portimão, Uli from Carvoeiro/Sesmarias, Sven a German tourist, Jens from Messines and Frans from Holland – currently in Carvoeiro.

One of the participants came with her beautiful, young ‘Boerboel’ dog called Bärbel (see photo below) Her owner always takes her everywhere, but in this case, sadly for her – she had to wait outside in the courtyard!

cookery course 2

We unpacked all of our ingredients and before we began, we enjoyed a wonderful energiser with delicious sausage, cheese, bread and drinks – then we were ready for the programme!

We commenced with various dips and garlic oil which consisted of olive oil and a lot of peeled cloves of garlic (depending on your taste), which were crushed and mashed.

Dip No. 1 Humus
Into a bowl we added: chickpeas, mild chillis, a handful of plucked rosemary and 3 cloves of garlic, 5 teaspoons of sugar or 2 tablespoons of honey (depending on taste), two pinches of fine salt, a handful of freshly picked parsley or spring onions. Filled with olive oil until all the ingredients were covered. Then we used a hand blender so that a homogeneous paste was obtained and left to rest for half an hour. Very simple to make and tastes incredibly good with bread, vegetables, meat and fish.”

… to find out more .. including how they cooked a lamb shoulder, Smoked Catshark (Pata-roxa), a fish cataplana .. and more (including whether they saved any scraps for Bärbel!) click the link below …


We’re off to try out that hummus recipe – I’ve never tried it with honey before, it sounds great!

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Living the Dream – The Book

LtD poster - Out Now

‘Living the Dream – in the Algarve, Portugal’

The story of one couple’s move from the UK to live in the sun.

Find out more – click here

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Coronavirus Covid – 19 in the Algarve

We have had lots of people contact us (thank you!) asking if we are ok … we are fine, we have chosen to self-isolate and look after each other (and Kat the dog) for the next couple of weeks and see whether things escalate.

We thought we would create a quick post and share with you some useful links that have good sensible information available for these unprecedented times.


Safe Communities Portugal – this is an independent crime prevention association providing dedicated information and support services to the community. They have daily and sometimes hourly updates on their website and Facebook Page


Good Morning Portugal – this is a daily radio show and podcast. The host Carl Munson has decided to focus his daily podcasts on updates on the current situation. He is relevant, sensible and entertaining – and recommended viewing!

Catch him via his website, YouTube channel and Facebook Page

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Taking a Break

Well we have been busy! Moving house is not for the faint-hearted out here – but we are delighted with our move to the beautiful, unspoilt and peaceful west coast … and with beaches like this on our doorstep .. can you blame us?!

Monte Clerigo Beach - Dave Sheldrake Photography

We have been writing this blog for eight years now .. and we have decided to take a break for a while and then decide what to do next …

Fear not .. we will keep the blog ‘live’ and all of the content is still here for you to read and research through – why not use the search button or the categories on the right if you need to find out something specific?

Praia Amoreira - Dave Sheldrake Photography

Thank you to all of you that have supported us over the last eight years.

And we will be back in touch soon … hopefully with new plans, new ideas – and some exciting news!


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Moving House

Moving House

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Kat the Dog at the vets

For those of you that know us well – you will know that we adopted a little rescue dog over three years ago now. Kat is a Spanish Water Dog; she is a beautiful sweet girl, and she is a very important part of our family, and much loved.

We are sharing this post to give you some important links and recommendations, as well as letting you know what has happened as it may help someone else and their dog too.

Kat the Dog - Algarve Blog

We had used the same vets here in the Algarve since we adopted Kat. Almost a year ago we noticed a fatty lump appear on her back and mentioned it to the vet. “Oh, that’s ok, it’s just a fatty lump, just keep an eye on it” we were told. Fast forward to last November when her annual jabs were due, and a different vet at the practice glanced at it again but didn’t seem at all bothered by it, joking that as she was a ‘little bit’ overweight, that was where the fat had come from in the lump.

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10 Facts about the Carnation Revolution you may not know

  1. The 25th April is a national holiday, also known as ‘Freedom Day’ (Portuguese:’Dia da Liberdade‘)


  1. On the 25th April 1974 what initially began as a military coup to overthrow the Estado Novo (‘New State’) regime, was supported by an unprecedented civil campaign of resistance, resulting in the fall of the Estado Novo, and ended the rule of Marcello Caetano, who had assumed the country’s leadership from dictator António Salazar five years earlier.

  1. The ‘Carnation Revolution’ (Portuguese ‘Revolução dos Cravos ‘) is so called because almost no shots were fired and when the people took to the streets to celebrate the end of the dictatorship, carnations were put into the muzzles of rifles and pinned onto the uniforms of the army.

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Loulé Carnival 2018

The Oldest Carnival in the country Рand surely the best! Loul̩ Carnival is back in town and it is as vibrant and colourful and lively as ever.

This year the dates were moved to the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday … and yes that caught us out! Dave was on hand as always to take photographs of the event for you all, and even managed to set up a Photo Walk at the same time.

Loule Carnival 2018 Dave Sheldrake Algarve Blog

Entry is still only 2€ which has to be the best value – over two and half hours of music, dancing, parades and floats, and the most amazing spectacle. Continue reading

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