REFOOD Volunteering

This is a guest article by Christine Holmes, supporting the REFOOD Programme here in the Algarve.

Why would you not?

Volunteer that is!  It’s all a big plus as far as I’m concerned and I’ve been doing it for 20 years here in the Algarve.  From helping set up the first charity shop for APAA in Montechoro to Castelo do Sonhos in Silves and AAG here in Guia.

For the last 2 years I’ve been volunteering with an organisation called REFOOD but I’ll come back to them later.  First the reasons why. Continue reading

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Sagres at Sunset

Sagres is the most westerly town of the Algarve and is an impressive display of enormous cliffs and vast beaches, with the pounding of the waves from the Atlantic Ocean and the accompanying cooler temperatures – usually carried along by a strong breeze!

Sagres at Sunset Algarve Blog

The Cabo de São Vicente (the Cape of Saint Vincent) is the most south-westerly tip of mainland Europe and the huge cliffs draw visitors and tourists from all around to enjoy the magnificent views and wide open seascapes.

Sagres at Sunset Algarve Blog

At the top of the 75m high cliffs is one of Portugal’s most powerful lighthouses, which can be seen up to 50km out to sea. Continue reading

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Silves Medieval – Part 2

We promised you that we would return and take more shots for you .. so here they are!

Algarve Blog Silves Medieval Fair 2017

This lovely lady – the enchanting Magda (above) – is going to find herself on the front cover of an Algarve magazine next month as a result of this photograph by Dave – it’s fabulous isn’t it!

Algarve Blog Silves Medieval Fair 2017

And one of our favourite actors (above) never fails us with a commanding shot with such a focused expression … so many of the actors have become friends now which makes it a real privilege to be allowed to photograph them all so easily. Continue reading

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The 2017 Silves Medieval Fair

It’s our favourite time of year (again!)

Algarve Blog Silves Medieval Fair 2017

The Silves Medieval Fair is up and running .. and of course we were there as soon as it opened with our cameras for you.

Algarve Blog Silves Medieval Fair 2017

We have blogged about this many times before, and to be honest the format and content is pretty much the same as in previous years, so if you want to know more about the nuts and bolts of it all, just use the Search facility on the right hand side of the page, type in Silves and you will find all of our previous posts. Continue reading

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ACCA’s annual charity request for children

Children’s charity ACCA has started its annual drive to ensure that youngsters across the Algarve can start the new school year with confidence … and with the basic essentials to help them achieve. And our help is needed!

Although the government here does provide text books for the poorest, it does not supply children with the simple, everyday materials that are also vital to support the learning process.

ACCA Back to School Charity poster

Every year, ACCA increases its back-to-school programme in an attempt to help as many children as possible – in 2016 the charity gave out 841 back packs, filled with those all-important essentials and this year hopes to beat that figure. Continue reading

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Centro de Saúde Healthcare in Portugal

“Ooh I couldn’t live abroad – what about healthcare?!” We have heard that said to us so many times before, and people often quote the need for having private healthcare as a pre-requisite for being able to live here in Portugal – which we have never had.

We’re just regular people on the normal state healthcare system here as residents .. although I have never actually had to use my ‘Documento de Identificação do Utente do SNS’ before .. until yesterday!

After a late night walk with our little dog on Sunday night, and having a shocking experience with two feral cats attacking us – my leg certainly came off worse with a series of nasty scratches and bites, and it was obvious that at the very least I knew that I would need a tetanus shot.

Continue reading

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Selling a house in the Algarve

Well we have certainly been busy lately! And we make no apologies for this little post being a shameless bit of self-marketing!

It is always hard to know what to do when you want to sell or promote your property for rent here on the Algarve – how to choose an estate agent to sell your house when they all basically seem to be the same … and they all want you to sign up to their exclusive contract with an eye-wateringly high 5% + IVA (at 23% of the 5%) commission rates.

So we were determined that we wanted to find a way to do it differently .. and it led us to also find an interesting little gap in the marketing world out here as we wanted to create our own bespoke online brochure .. and realised that we would have to do it ourselves as there is no-one out here doing anything like this .. well … up until now!

So ta-da! here it is .. our first ever Property For Sale brochure .. needless to say if you are interested in finding out more information .. do let us know … !

Click on the image below to view our brochure:

Bela Vista Ferragudo house for sale brochure algarve blog


And feel free to share and let people know about our fabulous House For Sale featured above … we know how much you readers all love the Algarve and you know how much we love Ferragudo .. maybe now is your chance to make your Algarve dreams come true!

(and before you ask … no we’re intending to stay here … we love it here!!)

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