A Covid-safe Carnaval

Usually today we would be heading for Loulé to enjoy the fabulous sights and sounds of Carnaval. Sadly this year, thanks to Covid-19, that will not be possible, so we thought we would put together a Virtual Carnaval for you. We have collated some of our favourite Carnaval shots from previous years for you to enjoy.

You’ll have to play some samba music in the background as you scroll down to the images, and imagine yourself stood on the pavement watching all the floats go by.

Traditionally, you should also enjoy a bit of a feast today, the last time to eat well before the start of 40 days of Lent. Legend says that the word ‘Carnaval’ comes from the Latin, carnem levare, which means ‘to take away (or remove) meat’. If you are in the UK, do have a plate of pancakes with sugar and lemon on for us!

“Of all the holidays celebrated across the modern world, Carnival might be the most boisterous, and possibly the most fun.”

Daniel Shafto   

All Images © Dave Sheldrake Photography

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2 Responses to A Covid-safe Carnaval

  1. restlessjo says:

    Will life ever get back to normal? 😦 But I did have pancakes with fresh lemon and sugar today 🙂 🙂

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