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Living the Quieter Algarve Dream

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Have you ever longed for a quieter life?

Ever wanted to escape the crowds, walk on deserted beaches, and experience all that a different country has to offer?

Alyson and Dave Sheldrake moved to the western Algarve, far away from the tourists, to live in a rural market town. Surrounded by chickens, rabbits, beautiful beaches, and crazy locals, they settled down to enjoy a more peaceful existence.

Their plans didn’t include battling with Portuguese bureaucracy, a life-altering diagnosis, and Kat the dog being rushed to the vets. Brexit, a pandemic, and a house that needed updating ensured that life was anything but tranquil for this creative couple.

In this part guidebook, mostly memoir, find out why the Algarve is a favourite destination for so many, and why this couple have made it their home.

This honest and often hilarious story is the continuation of their Algarve Adventures. It can stand alone as a book for you to enjoy, and is also the follow-up to Living the Dream – in the Algarve, Portugal.

I am so excited to be able to finally share this with you all!

After my book Living the Dream – in the Algarve, Portugal was launched in April this year, I set to work writing the sequel. And I am delighted to introduce you to Living the Quieter Algarve Dream, the book that continues the story of our Algarve Adventures.

You can Pre-Order your eBook copy today and Amazon will magically transport it to your device or send it to you on launch day – which is – Ta-Da! (small drum roll please…) on Sunday 22nd November

That’s the big day! The day that everything goes live! That’s the day you can purchase your Paperback and eBook version. But you can Pre-Order your eBook now. 

(I have no idea why you cannot pre-order a paperback before launch day. No idea at all. Better ask Amazon!)

I have had so many lovely messages, comments, reviews, and feedback about my first book, and I am thrilled to launch the follow-up with you all today.

I will send you another email on the 22nd November just to let you know that the Paperback is live on Amazon – and send you an exclusive VIP invitation to a Virtual Launch Party too.

Feel free to forward this to your friends.

Thank you for all your support and kind words – and happy reading!
Love from Alyson

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4 Responses to Pre-Order your eBook Today

  1. Ordered! Eagerly awaiting November 22 and another great read. Best way to be in Portugal when I can’t be there in person.

  2. sami veloso says:

    Congratulations on your second book Alyson.

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