Good Morning Expats Portugal

It’s always nice for us here at Algarve Blog when we can recommend new links and sites for you to enjoy. Today we are happy to introduce you to two links that we personally think are great.

The first is the daily radio broadcast from the fabulous and funny Carl Munson at Good Morning Portugal.

Good Morning Portugal! is a YouTube channel, podcast, blog and occasional radio show that airs at 9 a.m. each weekday morning. The site is a relative newcomer to the Portuguese expat landscape and began as a podcast documenting the journey of the Munson family, originally from the UK. More recently, it has become a daily Facebook-based livestream, a recent focal point for Portuguese Covid pandemic information, in English.

Carl’s witty take on life, complete with a daily briefing on all things Portugal, including the weather, euro rates, and national news, and is usually followed by an interview with someone live. Carl is always worth a listen as you eat your breakfast.

Sharing Knowledge Through Community Since 2005

Our second recommendation is the Expats Portugal website and forum. Expats Portugal was created by Simon Pownall in 2005 after he bought a house in Portugal and wanted to help others avoid the pitfalls he experienced. The Forum was a hit, attracting many other expats and foreigners who had also made the move to Portugal – and offered a way to for them to connect and make friends before social media was as accessible as it is today.

Sadly, Simon passed away in 2018 and his partner, Emma continued to manage the site until she returned to her homeland, Australia. Emma had the choice to close down the site or to find new owners to take over. In 2019, the site found new owners with Gerry Lawler (originally from Ireland) and Astrid Fernandes (originally from Australia) taking over and giving the site a new lease on life. Gerry and Astrid are keen to stay true to its original purpose – a friendly community forum and place for expats and potential expats to “hang out”.

Competing with social media hasn’t been easy but they feel what Expats Portugal offers its members is far superior and much more friendly. With 15 years of information, stories and tales to rediscover, it is enlightening to look back on past posts from people who have “been there, done that”.

The next stage for the Expats Portugal team is to develop the site into the number 1 destination for the following themes:

Friendly forum and community

What’s On Event Calendar around Portugal

Buy Swap & Sell Classified in Portugal

English-friendly Business Directory

Real Estate directory

Meet-ups and social gatherings

Exclusive benefits and offers for members

Whilst they value and appreciate the 5,000 members who were part of the forum while Simon managed the site, a priority for Gerry and Astrid is to grow new members with updated content and new stories. With over 300 new sign ups in the past two months, they believe they are on their way.

And their latest initiative should help with that…

Expats Portugal and Good Morning Portugal have announced their collaboration on two new broadcast projects aimed at those wishing to relocate to the ‘EU’s safest country’, and uniting those already here enjoying migrant life.

“From the first time we saw Carl doing his online sessions, we knew we wanted to work with him and bring a new element to our growing online forum community,” says Astrid Fernandes, Managing Director of Expats Portugal.

“We will be introducing key guests to our ‘Portugal Calling’ session to discuss topics of high importance for those living in Portugal or considering moving here.”

“I’m really looking forward to our ‘Meet-up Mondays’, starting Monday 22nd June, which I expect to be an easy-going start to the week – mixing news, weather and community information from Expats Portugal,” adds GMP!’s Carl. “And I think Thursday evening’s new ‘Portugal Calling’ slot will be a dynamic and informative addition to the expat knowledge base too.”

Click on the links here to find out more:

Good Morning Portugal Facebook Page

Good Morning Portugal YouTube Page

Expats Portugal website and forum

Expats Portugal Facebook Page

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4 Responses to Good Morning Expats Portugal

  1. Cathy Smith says:

    Thanks for all the great information!

  2. Thanks for the links. It may help me think I’m traveling even though I’m stuck at home!

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