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Living the Dream: in the Algarve, Portugal

Hey Everyone,
I’m excited to tell you that my book has been nominated for the “Cover of the Month” contest on I would be so thrilled if you could take a moment to vote for my book. You don’t have to be a member to vote.
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Thank you so much,
Alyson Sheldrake
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2 Responses to Living the Dream – vote now!

  1. Christine Cooper says:

    Hi Alyson. Bought and read you book! Absolutely brilliant! Dave and yourself feel very much the same as we do about Portugal. We are truly lucky to live in such a beautiful place.
    Many thanks for putting your thoughts and experiences into such an entertaining book.
    Well done!

    • thank you so much, Christine, for your kind comments and for taking the time to send us a message.
      if you get chance to add a review on Amazon I’d be ever so grateful 🙂
      thank you again – so glad that you enjoyed the book.

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