Martin’s Culinary School Carvoeiro

We are delighted at Algarve Blog to be partnering with the Real Estate Agents Togofor-Homes Lda and we will be sharing and promoting some of their blog posts in the coming months.


Togofor-Homes have been in the Algarve region since 2005. They have an extensive portfolio which covers all types, locations and prices of properties available for sale, and they have offices in Lagos, Vilamoura (Head Office), and Tavira, and a partner office in Quinta do Lago.  They have sales consultants based all across the Algarve. You can find out more about them via their website – just click the link here: Togofor-Homes Lda

We will be sharing an excerpt from a selected blog post, followed by a link which will take you over to their site, where you can continue reading the article. We hope that you enjoy this extension to our blog posts and material provided here at Algarve Blog.

Here’s the first article for you:

Martin’s Culinary School, February 2020, Carvoeiro

Peter and Susanna from Togofor-Homes real estate agency, recently ‘dared’ to take part in a cookery course from Martin’s Culinary Art School & Restaurant. Here Susanna tells how it all began in the market halls of the ‘Mercado Municipal’ in Portimão.

Here is a photo of Martin‘s culinary restaurant in Carvoeiro Martins Kulinarium which he runs with his family:

cookery course

“The menu included various fish delicacies, vegetables, roasted lamb shoulder and dips. After a successful shop we went to the cooking school in Carvoeiro. Our classmates were: Gabi from Lagos, Dieter – the undisputed truffle and mushroom master from Germany currently in Portimão, Uli from Carvoeiro/Sesmarias, Sven a German tourist, Jens from Messines and Frans from Holland – currently in Carvoeiro.

One of the participants came with her beautiful, young ‘Boerboel’ dog called Bärbel (see photo below) Her owner always takes her everywhere, but in this case, sadly for her – she had to wait outside in the courtyard!

cookery course 2

We unpacked all of our ingredients and before we began, we enjoyed a wonderful energiser with delicious sausage, cheese, bread and drinks – then we were ready for the programme!

We commenced with various dips and garlic oil which consisted of olive oil and a lot of peeled cloves of garlic (depending on your taste), which were crushed and mashed.

Dip No. 1 Humus
Into a bowl we added: chickpeas, mild chillis, a handful of plucked rosemary and 3 cloves of garlic, 5 teaspoons of sugar or 2 tablespoons of honey (depending on taste), two pinches of fine salt, a handful of freshly picked parsley or spring onions. Filled with olive oil until all the ingredients were covered. Then we used a hand blender so that a homogeneous paste was obtained and left to rest for half an hour. Very simple to make and tastes incredibly good with bread, vegetables, meat and fish.”

… to find out more .. including how they cooked a lamb shoulder, Smoked Catshark (Pata-roxa), a fish cataplana .. and more (including whether they saved any scraps for Bärbel!) click the link below …


We’re off to try out that hummus recipe – I’ve never tried it with honey before, it sounds great!

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10 Responses to Martin’s Culinary School Carvoeiro

  1. Janice Blain says:

    Thank you Alyson and Dave. Another connection with the beloved Algarve. Can’t let the distance come between us. Much appreciated, Janice (Ottawa,Canada until I can return again and I hope to stay for a while on the West Coast next time, as well as in Alvor).


  2. Martin says:

    Tried to purchase your book but Amazon say no delivery to Ireland’s?..

  3. portugalholidays4u says:

    Wow the dishes on this article sound delicious, especially the dips, the humous recipe is quite different to ours, so will be trying that very soon.
    Really appreciate you sharing the recipes, and if when we get tot he Algarve, we will be booking one of these sessions

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