Coronavirus Covid – 19 in the Algarve

We have had lots of people contact us (thank you!) asking if we are ok … we are fine, we have chosen to self-isolate and look after each other (and Kat the dog) for the next couple of weeks and see whether things escalate.

We thought we would create a quick post and share with you some useful links that have good sensible information available for these unprecedented times.


Safe Communities Portugal – this is an independent crime prevention association providing dedicated information and support services to the community. They have daily and sometimes hourly updates on their website and Facebook Page


Good Morning Portugal – this is a daily radio show and podcast. The host Carl Munson has decided to focus his daily podcasts on updates on the current situation. He is relevant, sensible and entertaining – and recommended viewing!

Catch him via his website, YouTube channel and Facebook Page


Carl has also teamed up to create a Portuguese version of the #viralkindness postcard. Initially created by Becky Wass in Cornwall, the postcard is aimed at helping people who are self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Hello! If you are self-isolating, I can help,” the cards read, with spaces for a name, address, phone number and possible tasks that the recipient might need help with, including “picking up shopping” and “a friendly phone call”. Well done to Becky for a great idea, and also Carl and his team for translating this into Portuguese. You can download the Portuguese (and English) versions via this link


Facebook Groups – there are a number of Facebook Groups set up, we have found this group to be the most useful:

FB group

Coronavírus Updates Portugal – a group for sharing information. You can find them via this Facebook Page link.


News Channels 


The national RTP Notícias website has a live feed with regular updates. You can find them via this website link.


Worldometers – website with continuous updated statistics including a breakdown of each country. View the statistics via this website link.


Observador PT – Portuguese website with current data on the coronavirus in Portugal How many suspicious cases have there been so far? How many are confirmed and how many await analysis? And what you really have to read to be informed about Covid-19.

Find their statistics via this website link.


Health Information


If you develop symptoms, DO NOT go to an emergency room. Keep away from other people and call the SNS 24 line (national health line) 808 24 24 24 for advice on what to do depending on their assessment of your situation. Option 9 is in English.


The DGS – health service have created a new website specifically for coronavirus, with updates and advice. You can find more information via this website link. Click on the green world logo top right to change the language to English if required.


If you have any other useful links please post them in the comments below.


Please everyone let’s stay safe, don’t panic, help others where we can, and we will get through this together.


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3 Responses to Coronavirus Covid – 19 in the Algarve

  1. Dave Burrell says:

    Thank you. 👍😊

  2. Rwena says:

    Good morning, thank you for all the information it is very helpful.
    Rowena, Tomar

  3. sami veloso says:

    Don’t panic, that is good advice for sure! I see many people panicking and stockpiling as if they are going to stay in isolation for a year! Keep safe 🙂

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