Safe Village – Safe People

The “Safe Village – Safe People” programme has been launched which outlines self-protection measures for the population in the event of a rural fire affecting people and their homes.

Safe Village Safe People Algarve Blog

Following a recent meeting between Safe Communities Portugal (SCP) and the Secretary of State for Civil Protection, a publication in English has been produced that covers a number of important topics including action to take: if a fire approaches your home; if you get surrounded by a fire; if you are near a fire; if you are confined inside a building, and action in case of evacuation. For those living in high risk areas the recommendation is to have an evacuation kit available.

Although this may sound dramatic, it is a fact that fires have been gradually encroaching into rural areas over the last few years hence the change of name from “forest” to “rural”. It’s therefore better to be prepared.

Safe Village Safe People Algarve Blog

In addition to the leaflets, an on-line video with English sub-titles is being produced by the Portugal National Civil Protection Agency (ANPC) supported by the SCP and will be available for download from the ANPC and Safe Communities websites.

In some high risk villages, mainly north of the A22, awareness sessions are also being conducted by the municipal civil protection and GNR, showing escape routes and assembly points should a fire break out. You can contact your local Câmara or follow the SCP Facebook page to check if one will be held near you.

Some of the sessions will be conducted specifically in English. It is important to note that these talks are happening ONLY in high risk areas.

Signage in these areas is also being put in place.

Safe Village Safe People Algarve Blog

The leaflets can also be downloaded in English from the SCP website under their “Civil Protection” section – click the link here

If you can also help to distribute the leaflets through supermarkets and other outlets, or directly in high risk areas in the Algarve; please contact the Safe Communities Portugal team direct on

The ANPC also produces daily information on their website concerning the location and details of forest fires and other major occurrences in Portugal including the Algarve.

Click the link here to view their alert page:

There is also a very good Facebook group we find very useful for keeping updated on the current fire situations – click the image here:

And if you are a tourist on holiday here in the Algarve – click the image here to read a useful leaflet about keeping safe:

With thanks to the SCP for providing the content of this article.

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