The Living Statues come to life again

The Rua 25 de Abril and the Largo 5 Outubro in Lagoa were once again filled with the magical spectacle of the Living Statues at Christmas.

The Estátuas Vivas no Natal project is now in its third year of visiting Lagoa, and we were happy to be there again and we also invited Dave’s Photography Walk group to join us too.

The event seemed much busier again this year, with a lot more statues and participants which was great to see.

The event is only held over one evening and the following morning – we fully understand why (but wish it could be longer!) and we have no idea how the actors manage to hold their characters and poses for so long .. there were some cold frozen feet this morning at the end of the event – but they were all still smiling!

It is a great event for families and children of all ages – and our little Kat the dog is enthralled by the actors too! They are quite mesmerising:

And portray such a fabulous range of characters:

It was nice to recognise lots of familiar faces from previous years too:

They have a Facebook page you can follow – click the link here – so that you can find out when the event will be held again next year. And you can search ‘statues’ in our search button on the right of the page to find our previous posts on this event. Our thanks to everyone that makes this event possible.

And for now you can enjoy more of our photos in the gallery below – click any image to start the slideshow.



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4 Responses to The Living Statues come to life again

  1. Lena Selway says:

    From me , Lena, “The Ice Queen” and my hubby , Doug, “Retro DJ” thank you for the wonderful photos of all the performances and your super report. it was an absolute pleasure to perform in Lagoa and hopefully we will see you again next year in the 4th event. xx you can see our activities on facebook Selway Statuesque

  2. samiveloso says:

    Wow, they look amazing, so much time must go into their make-up.

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