Loulé Carnival 2017

Regular readers will know that Loulé Carnival is one of our must-see events of the Algarve calendar .. we absolutely love the colour, music, vibrancy and spectacle that makes up Carnival each year – and Loulé is the place to go!


The flags were flying and Loulé was buzzing as we arrived for the first day of the event – and we have never seen so many people lining the streets waiting for the floats to appear, having paid an extremely reasonable 2€ entry fee …


We lost count of the number of floats that passed us by .. many had a political theme, and ranged from the small statement…


to the politically topical Trump:


being fired out of a cannon by Putin:


watch out for those weapons!


The music is almost deafening at times – drummers, dancers and stilt-walkers, unicycles, and floats all pass by in a crescendo of colour and sounds:


The floats are a riot of colours and detail – we can’t even imagine how many hours have gone into making these beautifully themed floats:



And costumes – we loved the elephant!


Although it’s fair to say that some outfits were more revealing than others!


It’s always lovely to see how many of the crowd – especially children – also dress up for the event:


And that children of all ages are there to enjoy the parade – and the showers of confetti and streamers that descend all around them.


We loved capturing this older gent enjoying the sights from inside a first floor window above the street:


And these lovely ladies enjoying the parade through their Venetian masks:


And naturally the photographer was in his element today – here’s a rare shot for you of Dave in action:


Of course all the best shots this year are Dave’s .. so we’ll hand over to him now and share some of his favourite shots from the day here for you .. and there are even more shots for you to see in the gallery at the end of the post for you.

img_9429 img_9482 img_9485-edit img_9496 img_9494 img_9498 img_9520 img_9145 img_9141-edit img_9159 img_9162-edit img_9185-edit img_9173 img_9215 img_9276 img_9279 img_9301 img_9321 img_9350 img_9392 img_9388 img_9398 img_9399

You can catch the Loulé Carnival again this year on Sunday 26th and Tuesday 28th February at 3pm.


Click on any of the images here to start the slideshow:


Thank you for viewing our post – and feel free to share it! (If anyone is captured here and would like a copy of their image – minus our logo – please just ask – no charge of course.)

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15 Responses to Loulé Carnival 2017

  1. restlessjo says:

    It all looks wonderfully familiar, though we missed it this year (heading to Florence later today 🙂 ). Was the weather good? Just got to love the elephant, and I love all the kids too. Great pics from Dave!

  2. Colin Paul says:

    Fab photos as usual – why aren’t carnivals in the UK as colourful as this? Very well captured – love it. Might have to put this in the diary!

  3. Brilliant: I soooo want to go there! And Dave’s photos – out of this world!

  4. I would like to have an adventure like this festival. Fun Fun Fun and alot of interesting knowledge being learned about the culture.

  5. Carol Needs says:

    It looks a great Carnival and will be a ‘must see’ in the diary when I find a house and move to the Algarve. Great photos Dave and the photo of you too. You haven’t changed a bit !! LOL !!

  6. Kay Edwards says:

    Fabulous photo’s our first time at Loule, loved it and the band would love the English version of the song if possible, it was so much fun. Hope we can come back

  7. Hi Alyson and Dave,
    I really like your blog with and the pictures are fantastic. I have shared it in a post on my facebooksite. Hope the Carnaval this year will be just as nice!
    Have a nice weekend,

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