First Algarve Photography Walk for Dave Sheldrake Photography

For some time now Dave has wanted to organise an informal group to help people to become a better photographer. The idea is not to offer formal teaching, just to create events advertised via a Facebook Group page, where people can meet up at different locations across the Algarve and then walk and talk and take photographs – and Dave will offer his help to individuals during these walks – and share some of his favourite places across the Algarve along the way.

Dave Sheldrake Photography website

Having been a professional photographer based out here for over five years now, this has finally been a dream that has come true for Dave – and the first of his Algarve Photography Walks took place today.

The setting was the beautiful sítio das fontes near Estombar, Lagoa:

Algarve Photography Walks Dave Sheldrake

We have previously blogged about this fabulous natural resource here in this post:

Our Secret sítio das fontes

And what a fabulous day we had – brilliant blue skies and warm sunshine greeted us today at the Fontes:


The group were all keen to get going and make new friends – it was a lovely relaxed and friendly group that gathered round to find out what was in store for the afternoon:

Algarve Photography Walks Dave Sheldrake

The walks are designed to last two hours, and will be a combination of quick demonstrations with lots of chance to try things out and get advice and help along the way.


The group were quickly off exploring the beautiful landscape and river walk together – and they were also exploring the chance to come ‘off auto’ and discover what all the buttons and settings on their cameras were for …

Algarve Photography Walks Dave Sheldrake

There was a lovely mix of people and abilities and cameras across the group – the idea is simply to encourage everyone and get them enjoying their photography – whatever their ability or experience – and regardless of what type of camera they have.

Algarve Photography Walks Dave Sheldrake

There is no charge for the walk – Dave will be asking people to make a donation (if they can) at the end of each walk, and all of the money collected will be donated to charity. As someone said today on the walk as they assisted Dave with helping someone with their Nikon camera – “It’s lovely to be able to help people” – thank you Chloe for your help today too!

Algarve Photography Walks Dave Sheldrake

Here they are all busy looking at their depth of field settings on their cameras – and the aim is that each walk will cover different aspects of photography in a relaxed way:

Algarve Photography Walks Dave Sheldrake

The group are also encouraged to post up their photos and work after each walk onto the Facebook Group’s page – and Dave will be sharing his work and tips on the site too. Alyson sneaked off with her camera whilst everyone was busy and captured this shot of one of the beautiful flowers that lined the walk this afternoon – it really was a fabulous afternoon to be out and about with a camera today:

Algarve Photography Walks Dave Sheldrake

Since posting about our first walk, Dave has now selected ‘Madrugada Associação’ as his Photography Walks charity for this year – people attending will be asked if they would like to make a donation at the end of each walk – there is no compulsion though – only if people would like to!

You can find out more about the charity, who offer support throughout illness and beyond to people in the Algarve who are affected by a life limiting illness, by clicking their logo here:

Madrugada Associação charity logo Algarve blog

You can find out more about our Algarve Photography Walks – and information on the next walk – via the group’s Facebook page – click the link here:

Algarve Photography Walks

or if you are not on Facebook – you are welcome to subscribe to our free monthly newsletter via this link below and we will be letting people know about the walks in our newsletter too:

Subscribe here!

Thank you to everyone that came along today – and here’s to the next walk … click the Facebook link above to find out more about the next walk which is already being planned …

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7 Responses to First Algarve Photography Walk for Dave Sheldrake Photography

  1. Yayeri says:

    Sounds (and looks!) like it was lovely!!!

  2. Really interesting post and great photos ! 😀

  3. restlessjo says:

    Great idea! I’ll be keeping an eye on the FB page and will join in if I get the chance 🙂

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