Flea Market in Ferragudo

We have to admit that we’re not exactly big fans of the monthly flea markets that pop up across the Algarve – our local one in Ferragudo comes round with amazing regularity on the second Sunday of each month – but we thought you might be interested to find out more about them – and we’ll let you decide for yourselves whether they are a good thing or not!

Flea Market Ferragudo Village Algarve Blog

The first thing we notice are the signs for No Parking that pop up a few days before the Sunday in question … we always groan and say ‘oh it’s ‘tat market’ day again on Sunday’

Flea Market Ferragudo Village Algarve Blog

You have to hand it to the people that bring items for sale – they are there and setting up around the main street of Ferragudo by about 7am .. most people are ready for action and customers by 8am .. although we are not quite sure what the ‘locals’ make of all this action and noise so early in the morning – this little fella certainly wasn’t impressed at being woken up so early today!

Ferragudo Village Algarve Blog

There’s usually quite a range of items for sale – a lot of it is set up on tables for you to view – you usually have to ask what the price is and then haggle if you can!

Flea Market Ferragudo Village Algarve Blog

Other people just put a blanket on the ground and display their items .. Kat the dog was quite taken with the two big cuddly toys on this pitch!

Flea Market Ferragudo Village Algarve Blog

We think it costs 5€ to have a pitch – we’re not sure if you can just turn up though, or whether you have to register with the local Junta office in advance … we’ll try to find out for you …

Flea Market Ferragudo Village Algarve Blog

Kids’ toys, clothes, books, records, crockery, garage items, jewellery, gifts, and definitely some junk seems to make its way onto the stalls each month .. but everyone seems to enjoy setting up and chatting to their neighbours and seeing what everyone else has for sale:

Flea Market Ferragudo Village Algarve Blog

You’ll also find some local gift shops and craft shops set up as well:

Flea Market Ferragudo Village Algarve Blog

And there is usually a nice stall selling jewellery too:

Flea Market Ferragudo Village Algarve Blog

There really is a wide range of things for sale – as you can see Kat the dog was even caught admiring herself as we walked round – she loves having a good nosy at everything!

Flea Market Ferragudo Village Algarve Blog

Our favourite pitches are always those that have ‘interesting implements’ for sale!! We have no idea what most of these things are for (apart from the chamber pot!!!) but it’s fun mooching around and imagining what Medieval instruments of torture are on sale!

Flea Market Ferragudo Village Algarve Blog

If it all gets too much you can always go for a coffee in the square and watch the world and its garage pass you by…

Flea Market Ferragudo Village Algarve Blog

Or do what we did this morning – cross over the bridge to the other side of the river and go for a lovely walk and enjoy the fabulous weather and sparkling light across the water .. and leave them all to it! (The market runs until about 12 or 1pm if you are interested in popping down and having a look for yourself!)

Ferragudo Village Algarve Blog

There are markets all over the Algarve – some flea markets and some much ‘posher’ ones – you can take your pick!

And thanks to the lovely Algarve Daily News for their comprehensive list of the markets you can visit – you can just click the logo below to visit their page and find out more information:

Algarve Daily News logo

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6 Responses to Flea Market in Ferragudo

  1. Maryanne Sea says:

    Another great article and lovely photos, too! The Algarve Blog is always a delight to read.
    Thank you, Dave and Alyson.

  2. Linda says:

    A great variety of items, lovely photos, and the cat is so cute. 🙂

  3. Sam Wilkinson says:

    Interesting article but you don’t say where exactly the market is (I’ve looked online and there are various answers!). Also the link to the Algarve Daily News doesn’t work! Nice blog 🙂

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