Homes by the Med TV programme

Do you want to be on the telly?!

We’ve been contacted by the Channel 4 Television series ‘Homes by the Med’ which celebrates brilliant design and architecture as well as the joys of coastal living.

Homes by the Med TV programme Algarve Blog

The series is presented by architectural designer Charlie Luxton and is based on the premise that it’s the dream of many people to have a home by the sea, especially abroad. The programme focuses on the properties and their stunning sea views but equally they are interested in the stories of the people who live in them.

Homes by the Med TV programme Algarve Blog

In their second series of the show they are planning to visit the Algarve and they are currently looking for architecturally stunning properties and owners who are happy to appear on camera and show Charlie around their home, and share their passion for the location they now call home.

Ideally home owners will either be British ex-pats or fluent in English. The key element is that the properties they feature have to be high quality and photogenic. They may not be the most expensive home in the area, but they have to look superb.

Homes by the Med TV programme Algarve Blog

(We’re guessing that this old house that we photographed wouldn’t quite fit the brief!)

In the previous series they filmed an array of architecturally stunning homes ranging from a rustic farmhouse that was once home to perfume-making monks; an award winning eco-home in an orchard of figs; a home carved in the rocks; a palace of glass metal and rock, a converted castle and many modern masterpieces.

Homes by the Med TV programme Algarve Blog

The hour-long programme for the Algarve will feature four or five fantastic properties together with the owners – so if you have a property that you think might be suitable – why not contact them?

The person to contact direct is researcher Alejandro Saks and his contact details are here for you:


True North TV

Tel (UK) +44 (0)1133945 483



If you contact him – do mention Algarve Blog .. and if you get selected for the show.. let us know – we would be delighted to come and do a photo shoot and feature you on the blog too!

*TV series and Charlie Luxton photographs courtesy of CH4 True North TV – used with permission.
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6 Responses to Homes by the Med TV programme

  1. Yayeri says:

    Cool! We’re about an hour from the sea in a place of 20m2 that permanently stinks of septic tank and has a leaky kitchen. In fact, ‘our’ house (we rent it, but that’s just a nit-picky small thing innit?) looks almost as good as the old house you pictured on your blog, only smaller. You think they’d feature us LOL?

  2. Pete Davis says:

    That sounds good Dave & Ally, new openings for you all the time

    • ha thanks Pete – don’t think they’d feature our house though!

      • Pete Davis says:

        In my most recent (Much more lucrative job) I found that film companies are are very grateful for common sense advice and guidance, they are all lovies after all. That is what I meant about an opening for you both. Go for it, the guys that look for the locations are the ones that are good to get in with. The latest Jason Bourne film featuring Paddington are an example, they were both sites in my region and would have been very lucrative for the site management team!

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