Classic Cars in abundance

classic cars Armação de Pêra

The monthly meeting of the classic cars in Armação de Pêra takes place on the 1st Sunday of each month from 10am to 1pm, and this event seems to grow in popularity each month.

classic cars Armação de Pêra

It’s easy to find if you park in the free car park just before the Holiday Inn hotel, and then walk along to the promenade above the beach where the old mini-golf used to be … you really can’t miss it!

classic cars Armação de Pêra

We estimated that there were at least 70 old classic cars displayed this month – it’s quite a sight!

classic cars Armação de Pêra

The event is promoted by the Junta de Freguesia – the parish council; the ‘Amigos dos Veículos Clássicos do Barlavento’ group (here’s their FB page link for you); and the local amateur football club team “Os Armacenenses”


Most of the cars are in an amazing condition considering the age of them … they are all so well-preserved and well looked-after – they really are people’s pride and joy!


They are also a real step down memory lane for a car enthusiast … or just a lover of old cars .. Dave had great fun admiring the old VW Beetles which were his first car – and first love! ..


Some of them are obviously worth a lot of money too:

classic cars Armação de Pêra

And others, like our friends’ BMW Isetta ‘bubble car’, is a real rarity, and worth a second look!

classic cars Armação de Pêra

There is also a selection of Smart cars all lined up – we know that they are not strictly ‘classic cars’ but they are lovely!

classic cars Armação de Pêra

and some Harleys sneaked in there too!

classic cars Armação de Pêra

There are some real classics like this Tiffany Classic Elite Coupe … look at the leather trunk straps on this beauty:

classic cars Armação de Pêra

Our favourite was this Mercedes Sports car – how gorgeous is this one:

classic cars Armação de Pêra

It’s a beautiful setting above the beach – and many of the owners are very willing to engage in conversation and tell you more about their car:

classic cars Armação de Pêra

And it’s obviously a place where old friends meet up each month too – it was really busy!

classic cars Armação de Pêra

At 1pm many of the cars drive off in a procession around the streets of Armação de Pêra .. so don’t be late or you will miss them!

classic cars Armação de Pêra

We hope that you enjoy our photographs – and if you are free on the first Sunday of the month .. and you like classic cars .. then you won’t want to miss this free event!

classic cars Armação de Pêra

Here are some more shots for you to enjoy – click on any of the images to start the slideshow – and feel free to share with anyone else that you think might be interested.



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8 Responses to Classic Cars in abundance

  1. mark david says:

    What a great design,colour,structure,beauty of these car hang your mind.

  2. simonkime12 says:

    I went for the first time yesterday. Great Fun.
    My only criticism is that none of the cars displayed any information. If I took a car there I would want to tell everyone all about it.

  3. simonkime12 says:

    Often there is no one near the car to ask and how are you expected to know who the owner is ? Do there wear badges ?
    Really don’t understand why owners can’t be asked to display an information board with their cars.

  4. Ken Bradley. says:

    Hello, I have a modern classic… A 1995 jaguar XJS convertible… can I bring it along?

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