Armação de Pêra Carnival hits town

Today was the turn of Armação de Pêra to host the first of its two Carnaval parades – and naturally we were there to capture the event for you .. and catch up with some friendly parrots along the way …


Before the Carnival began we managed to track down the parrots and say hello!


 Armação de Pêra was filling up nicely with families, children all dressed up and people waiting to see the parade … which it would be fair to say took a while to start up!

First up was a procession of cars – some old, some fantastically decorated and all travelling slowly along the main promenade for people to admire:


Once the drums began we knew we would be getting underway with the main parade!


Although there was still time for a cheeky look out from the sunroof of one of the cars!


There was a fantastic selection of costumes on display – including a lot of dalmatians – we’re not sure if there were actually 101 as we lost count!


But these guys were so sweet!


There were plenty of superheroes to watch:


And some fantastic home-made outfits too .. are those really tea-strainers?!


And our favourite parrots …


And here’s a shot of our favourite parrot – this one’s just for you (you know who you are!)


They were certainly an impressive pandemonium of parrots  .. yes we looked that one up … that’s what you call a group of parrots!!


Some of the floats were fabulous with impressive themes and decor:


With rather realistic-looking characters!


And some fabulous outfits – we loved this hat!


The next three shots all summed up the Carnaval today for us rather nicely:




And the parade was topped off by two riders on horseback bringing the main parade to a close


We left the crowds to continue the party .. and there are lots more shots for you to enjoy in the gallery below – feel free to share! and you can always enjoy the event again as it is also on Tuesday 9th February at 3pm.

Click on any of the images below to start the slideshow:

Thank you for viewing – hope that you enjoyed them!

You might also enjoy our other Carnaval post from this year:

Loulé Carnival in Pictures 2016

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9 Responses to Armação de Pêra Carnival hits town

  1. Yayeri says:


    hope you guys are doing well. Your carnival blogs both look amazing. (I really hope we’ll find the time to go on Tuesday – have been too busy with the garden and the houses here 😦 ).

    Just came across this when doing research for the Art Issue. Not sure if it’s something for you Alyson, but maybe it is, seeing as you mentioned last week in the restaurant that you might ask them about exhibiting.

    This is the link:

    XXX Yayeri


    Inspiring art for every one

    It is an initiative of Martin’s E-Bikes and its purpose is to provide local artists a platform to exhibit their work and thus increase their brand awareness. All their work here is for sale. Every three months there is a new exhibition of a different artist. For the staff of Martin’s E-Bike it is an inspiring 25m long wall and for the local artist a free possibility to expose their work for free. Feel free to come in and have a look at any moment.

    If you are interested you can ask the staff for information. Also if you would like to exhibit your own work here they can tell you whom to contact.

    Feel free to walk in and enjoy the creativity of Algarve’s artists.

  2. hungrydai says:

    Hi Alyson and greetings from Lisbon. Thanks for this blog and all the colourful pictures. My favourites were the old Citroen cars.

  3. susana says:

    why im so ugly in the pics!

  4. Margaret Runciman says:

    Fabulous photographs as always and it really is amazing to see the variety of floats and costumes . Great imagination and creativity .

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