Coworking in the Algarve

CoworkAlgarve is the name of an ambitious new project launched by local resident Sarah Young which is designed to give people a chance to work with others “in one of the most beautiful places in Europe” : the picturesque fishing village of Ferragudo.

Coworking Algarve Ferragudo

The idea is simple. “Coworking gives people who usually work from home a chance to get out of the house and work together with other like-minded people in a communal hub” explained Sarah.

Coworking Algarve Ferragudo

It is a trend that has quickly become “massive” in other countries, and CoWorkAlgarve is hoping to replicate that success here in the Algarve. We thought it was an interesting and innovative project that was worth a plug – and especially as the first one is going to based right here in Ferragudo where we live!

Coworking Algarve Ferragudo

“The Algarve is an amazing location for this, especially for Northern Europeans and Americans trying to escape the cold weather,” Sarah explained.

Coworking Algarve Ferragudo

We’re certainly not going to disagree with Sarah – regular readers of our blog will know how much we love the pretty little fishing village of Ferragudo where we have chosen to call home!

Coworking Algarve Ferragudo

The first coworking / co-living initiative will take place in February 2016 at Ferragudo’s chic and luxurious boutique apartment complex, ‘One2Seven’ where guests can book from 1 to 4 weeks duration depending on their flexibility and requirements.

Coworking Algarve Ferragudo

Besides having everything needed for people to work (including free Wi-Fi, printers, and spacious lounges), those who sign up will also receive a number of perks, including access to the venue’s sauna, heated infinity pool, hot tub, a fully-equipped music studio, gym, billiard room, scooters, bicycles, and other included activities, and private terraces with amazing views. With prices starting at just €43.10 for a double room and only 14 rooms available, it’s bound to sell out quickly.

Coworking Algarve Ferragudo

A ‘CoWorkation’ at ‘One2Seven’ could be the perfect winter escape for entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads, photographers, musicians, artists, and other location-independent workers.  The project is designed to enhance creativity while benefiting from an excellent & unique experience of networking and brainstorming with lots of activities, events and transfers also thrown in to make life easier.

This is an ambitious and exciting project and there are plans afoot to expand to other areas in the Algarve in due course – it’s always nice to be in right at the start of a new project and we wish Sarah every success with this new initiative.

For more information on the project visit the website or telephone Sarah Young on (PT) 918 612 610

Coworking Algarve Ferragudo

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