Lota Cool Market in Portimão

Lota Cool Market in Portimão

It’s the second time this market has been launched in Portimão – and this time we managed to make it! The market focuses on contemporary handicrafts, arts and crafts, local small shops and gourmet products. There is plenty of street food and drink to enjoy and live music.

Lota Cool Market in Portimão

It’s a chance to find original and creative products for sale within a nice family atmosphere along Portimão’s riverside.

Lota Cool Market in Portimão

There are small retailers with hand-made crafts alongside larger companies like the Portimão Surf Club

Lota Cool Market in Portimão

And there’s plenty to eat and drink too!

Lota Cool Market in Portimão

Including a very cool and enormous converted tour bus that is now a Rock N Roll café and drinks bar!

Lota Cool Market in Portimão

We also loved the converted VW camper van selling cocktails and drinks – very original!

Lota Cool Market in Portimão

Continuing the theme was the delightful little store set up from inside an old VW Beetle – lots of lovely old-fashioned home-ware and furniture for sale with a smile:

Lota Cool Market in Portimão

There was lots for children and families to enjoy too:

Lota Cool Market in Portimão

There was a really nice atmosphere as the area around the waterfront got very busy as night-time came – the fair ran from 4pm to midnight, with a stage and live music set up:

Lota Cool Market in Portimão

You could even have arrived in style using the Algarve tuk-tuk company:

Lota Cool Market in Portimão

You can find out more about the initiative via the website or Facebook page set up to promote this

Lota Cool Market in Portimão

And you can get a better idea of the range of companies and products on offer via this link to their Facebook page’s photos

Lota Cool Market in Portimão

And now for the bad news – it was only on for one night – Saturday May 23rd – and we were just lucky enough to spot an advert for it on Facebook … we have no idea when the next market will take place .. but we wanted to share the pictures and information with you so that you can keep an eye out for it in the future!

We will contact the organisers and see if we can find out when the next event is planned – and if you Like and Follow their page on Facebook then hopefully we will all be able to find out what’s happening – before it happens!

The idea is a lovely one – to promote local businesses and crafts and put Portimão on the map – it’s certainly a lovely location to hold the event. The website explains that the ‘Teia D’Impulsos’ organisation that set this up is a non-profit organisation which was established in March 2011 in Portimão, founded by “a group of people who share a common impulse. The ‘Teia D’Impulsos’ proposes to develop social projects, culture and sports that are by themselves an added value to social development at local and regional level by adopting a constructive approach based on dialogue and partnerships with individuals, companies and organizations whose missions intersect with ours.

We wish them lots of luck .. and ask them to make sure that they advertise the next event as widely as possible .. we are happy to help to promote such a good idea!


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  1. we had this lovely message from the organisers via their Facebook page today …
    “LOTA COOL Market Dear Alyson Sheldrake, thank you for your post! It’s a really great article! This Market just happens once a year, in the end of may and it’s not regional market, but a national market! We actually receive brands around the country!”

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