Virtually Ascot – it’s virtually here!

Virtually Ascot Event

The 20th June should be a date in your diary! The first in a new theme for the Algarve, ‘Virtually There’ events will let you experience an event as if you were there! Ladies Day at Ascot is a traditionally British event – a day when everyone dresses up, sips pimms and enjoys everything that is British! The perfect event to recreate in the Algarve for charity. 

The idea is simple – to recreate Ascot and raise money for worthwhile and deserving causes – a chance to dress up and enjoy yourself – whether you want to bring a picnic or enjoy a fine dining experience .. there will be something for everyone! And just because it’s called ‘Ladies Day’ doesn’t mean that men aren’t invited too!

There will be a range of arts, crafts, foods, products and pampering available to enjoy in the English Village that will be created just for the event alongside live streaming of the actual Ascot Day .. and I will be there too, exhibiting some of my modern art at the event.

Here’s my personal invitation to you:

Virtually Ascot Event

Tickets are reasonably priced at adults 15e, children aged 6-16 are 7.50e and children under 6 are free entry. There are discounts for many Algarve-based clubs and organisations – for full details check out the event website or facebook page

The idea is to create a community event, where locals, expats and holiday-makers alike can experience something different – and all profits will go to the designated charities:

ACCA Helping Children in Need in The Algarve.

Madrugada Supporting people affected by life limiting illness.

Goldra Saving Dogs In The Algarve.

ARC Horse welfare and rescue.

Debra PT Supporting children and families with Epidermolysis Bullosa in Portugal.

Thanks should also go to the Pestana Vila Sol hotel for hosting the event – we’ve already been out to the hotel to see the space available and it’s going to be great!

So what are you waiting for?! Dust off your Sunday best, find a fabulous hat to wear … and grab a ticket for a unique event that is sure to be a winner!

Here’s an example of one of my original acrylic paintings that will be on display and for sale at the event:

'Shades of Blue' Art by Alyson Sheldrake

‘Shades of Blue’
Art by Alyson Sheldrake

Please do share this with anyone else that you think might be interested too – thank you.

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2 Responses to Virtually Ascot – it’s virtually here!

  1. restlessjo says:

    Do you know- I’m sure I have a hat somewhere! 🙂

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