Carnival Season in The Algarve

It seems to come around more quickly every year, yes it’s carnival time again on the Algarve.


Yesterday I headed off to the town of Loulé in the central Algarve, which is reputed to have the best Carnival, done in the ‘Rio’ style.



On arrival the posters were very impressive, colourful and see-through!


It was nice to happen upon a traditional clown to start with……is it me or does he remind you of Little Britain’s Matt Lucas?


The parade started at 3pm sharp, with ominous looking black skies and a hint of rain, but as the music played and the drums beat, there was a large crowd and good friendly atmosphere. Some of the costumes were extremely detailed and ornate.


There was a nod to technology and the future, although I’m sure I have employed the same electrician who did this!!


The suddenly it was Rio, Rio, Rio all the way with beautiful dancers, hey and let’s not forget that February on the Algarve can be beautiful too, but not always that warm!!


The thing that impressed me most was the groups of young people, who traditionally cover each other in paint! Looks great fun and their behaviour was excellent, even stopping and posing for me and not annoying the other spectators. Well done 🙂


So all in all the Carnival at Loule is well worth a visit, there have been countless hours of preparation by countless local volunteers. It was a great pity the weather was not it usual sunny self, but then they are doing it all again this Tuesday afternoon at 3pm (February 17th) and the current forecast is for sunshine. Give them a visit, with entry only 2 euros it’s great value for money, what’s not to like!

Below are some more images of the event, click any image to start the slideshow

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13 Responses to Carnival Season in The Algarve

  1. Carnival must be so much fun! The photos certainly capture the color and festivity! What a lively and special place to call home. 🙂

  2. carol brownson says:

    fabulous photos

  3. Margaret Runciman says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful photographs of the Loule Carnival . We are determined to go if we’re here at the same time next year .

    Ayr, Scotland


  4. Felicity French says:

    Terrific photos Dave, wish we had been there! Hope to see you both later on in the year. Felicity

  5. restlessjo says:

    It was great fun, wasn’t it? We were there on the Saturday and there was a quick scurry to get out of the rain but it didn’t last long. Good luck with the exhibition, Aly! Your stuff’s looking great 🙂

  6. We enjoyed Cabanas carnival, it was small and very local but good fun.

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