Culture in the Algarve

There are times, we admit, when we miss some of the culture and concerts that the UK has to offer. If a major band or singer is going to do a concert here in Portugal, invariably it will be in Lisbon – the Algarve is often the poor relation.

So when we see something advertised down here – we do tend to try to get tickets and go along!

We are big fans of the New Year’s Day televised live Strauss concert in Vienna – it seems to set us up for the New Year nicely … so Dave was delighted to see a poster in the Lagoa theatre window advertising this treat:


It was to be held in our local -white elephant- auditorium which is rarely used – sadly. 

And here’s a tip for you – the tickets were 25euros each – but Lagoa theatre (same council) told us we couldn’t buy the tickets there – we had to use ticketline online. We knew better though and hot-footed it over to our local Worten store


We have a free customer card for the store – and if you show it when you are buying tickets there – they waive the on-line booking fee which can often be as high as 6%. They also do all the ordering for you there and then and you walk away with your tickets all bought and paid for – nice and simple!

The concert was stunning – unlike the Centro de Congressos do Arade, Lagoa, which is starting to look quite tired and run-down already .. and outside of the main concert hall area which was warm and toasty – it was freezing cold! But the Strauss orchestra were brilliant, so professional and engaging. They had a terrific female soprano and five couples dancing and waltzing on the stage in the most elaborate and traditional costumes.

Four standing ovations and three encores says it all really. The Blue Danube and The Radetzky March were particular highlights and were delightfully conducted by a quiet but engaging character.

In typical Portuguese style, there were very few posters or signs up to advertise the event – resulting in only about half the theatre seats filled – and a hastily stuck up poster advertising the event was stuck with masking tape to the outside of the conference centre on the morning of the show – what a shame.


A slightly better advertised event which we enjoyed just before Christmas was the Russian Classical ballet performing Swan Lake at the Lagoa theatre. We went with friends and had an enjoyable evening out. The ballet company were a mixed bag of real talent with some ‘junior’ dancers – but they all performed with passion. We really felt for them though as the stage was rather small for them and you could see them struggling to fit in their jumps – and at one point Odile and Odette did bump into each other!

We are hoping to pick up some more tickets for different events this year – so watch this space! and if you hear of anything interesting happening – do let us know!


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2 Responses to Culture in the Algarve

  1. Maryanne Sea says:

    Oh Alyson and Dave, I am so sorry I missed the Johann Strauss night. I love his music and would have loved to hear it live. Thank you for saying that you will publicize events that you hear of. I have to agree the Algarve does not advertise events very well. I think I will stop into the Lagoa Auditorio and ask for a list of upcoming events.Cory did just remind me, though, of Cory’s friend, Peter, a Dutch fellow, works very hard to keep this calendar up-to-date. It might be a place where you would like to advertise your exhibits. Now I am need to start checking as well as the Algarve Blog! Thank you for another informative and very well-written blog. I enjoy them all!

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