Charity Christmas Cards

An unashamed plug here!

SOS Algarve Animals Charity logo

They’re here! I am very proud to share these Christmas Cards with you – they are all printed and ready for you to purchase … and all the profits go straight to the SOS Algarve Animals Charity which is the charity we have chosen to sponsor this year. I was delighted to be asked to design their Christmas Cards for 2014 .. and hope you like my chosen designs! Both are Pet Portraits of rescue animals that the charity have been able to re-home .. with a little festive addition!

The charity relies entirely on donations and support for their much needed sterilisation campaigns to street animals and animals at risk of getting pregnant. They also operate a re-homing centre and have dogs, puppies, cats and kittens all in need of new loving forever families. They are a registered charity here on the Algarve doing valuable work to protect animals – so you can rest assured that all the profits from the Christmas Cards will be well used.

SOS Algarve Animals Charity Christmas Cards The cards are large A5 size luxury cards printed on high quality paper with nice envelopes! There are 2 designs to choose from – Harvey the dog and Molly the cat! 

SOS Algarve Animals Charity Christmas Cards

The prices are as follows:
1 card = €2.75
2 cards = €5
10 cards = €20

Postage costs will be added according to your location in the world. To order them you can just e-mail the charity direct and they will arrange payment and postage for you.


Please feel free to share this post with your friends – and lets see if we can raise some funds for a worthwhile charity here on the Algarve.


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4 Responses to Charity Christmas Cards

  1. these Christmas Cards have superb attachmenet to them for its beautiful colours.

  2. Superb Christmas cards. I think it is always important to buy Christmas cards from charities and not rich retailers. The outcome is the same, but the money is so much better used going to a charity.

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