Gordon Ramsay wants to Help Brits in The Algarve!

An exciting new TV programme is being launched – and restaurants in the Algarve could benefit!

The BAFTA-winning producers of Channel 4’s Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, is producing a brand new series to help struggling British owned-restaurants, hotels and B&Bs throughout Europe.

They contacted us and asked if we could share their promotion with our readers – anything that can help promote the Algarve has to be a good thing! So – are you a British restaurant owner here on the Algarve – or do you know one?

Could your restaurant benefit with help from the world’s most famous chef?

Has setting up a restaurant abroad not been the dream you’d hoped it would be?

Gordon Ramsey

Photograph of Gordon Ramsay © One Potato Two Potato Limited 2013. All rights reserved

Are you struggling to make ends meet? Are you barely breaking even or on the brink of bankruptcy?

If so – then maybe this programme could be for you! 

You can check out the link here for more information and if you’d like some help from multi-Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay then you can email restaurants@onepotatotwopotato.tv 

or call +44(0)203 227 5867

We will look forward to finding out more about this programme as production develops and will keep you informed on the blog.


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10 Responses to Gordon Ramsay wants to Help Brits in The Algarve!

  1. You have got to be joking!!!

    We have plenty of good Portuguese restaurants here in Portugal….

    Please NO!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sami Veloso says:

    I hope you find some deserving restaurant owners, so Gordon Ramsay can help them develop their business!

  3. Vida Justino says:

    The project sound interesting. There is always space for improvement/advice on any sector. I am sure some one will benefit from the cause.

  4. Cheryl says:

    I think it will be great for the Algarve! I hope it goes very well not only for the restaurants but also for the tourism market.

  5. Analuzia says:

    It is an undeniable and well known Historical fact that Portugal and the United Kingdom of Great Britain share the Modern World’s oldest, standing political alliance; and that the Portuguese Empire, (which ended in 1974), helped to pave to way for the establishment of the, (still existing), British empire so, (theoretically), there should be no trouble in establishing a good business relationship between the British and the Portuguese. It is another well known fact that Gordon Ramsay is one of the World’s greatest experts in almost all matters related to cooking and the restaurant business. Although the facts I mentioned so far are true, I confess to finding it difficult to imagine how a man who is too afraid to spoil his “Hollywood look” by publically wearing his Country’s traditional Kilt once in a while, or whose tempestuous attitude can sometimes be compared to that of a raging bull could ever hope to succeed in creating an honest working relationship with warm-hearted, Patriotic, red-blooded people whose forefathers braved uncharted tumultuous seas and whose kids, still (to-this-day), litterally make a sport of grabbing bulls by the horns, ( I mean the “Forcados”), in bullfights. To make my comment simpler: I am all for British-Portuguese cooperation but I have serious doubts about Gordon Ramsay’s ability to establish any kind of decent and lasting working relationship in Portugal; and I’d like nothing more than to be proven wrong. thank you.

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