Our top 10 beaches of the Algarve

The Algarve is known for its stunning coastline and beautiful beaches – and we have enjoyed exploring so many of them over the years. We also enjoy sneaking our way up onto the West Coast around Aljezur as well – so you’ll find some of our top 10 are around this area too.

In 2012 the Algarve was voted Europe’s top beach destination and it’s not hard to see why! Choosing just ten beaches to share with you was an almost impossible task – but here they are – our top 10 beaches – in reverse order!

10 ~ Praia do Amado

Algarve beaches Dave Sheldrake Photography

Wild, unspoilt and great for surfing! This is a great beach to get away from it all, and has soft sand and big skies. There is also an international surf school here – the Algarve Surf School The beach is on the west coast near Carrapateira. 

9 ~ Praia de Molhe, Ferragudo

Algarve beaches Dave Sheldrake Photography

A small beach with a big heart. As you can see from the above image, it is one of the most stunning small beaches from which to capture an amazing sunset. On the way to Carvoeiro from Ferragudo, alongside the lighthouse and walkway on the Ferragudo side of the harbour.

8 ~ Praia da Marinha

Algarve beaches Dave Sheldrake Photography

This is a view that is so iconic to the Algarve – crumbling cliffs, hidden coves and incredible arches of rock reaching out into the sea. Marinha is one of several beaches east of Carvoeiro, near Armação de Pêra. Access to the beach is via some steep steps – or you can enjoy views like this from the cliff-top walk.

7 ~ Monte Clérigo

Algarve beaches Dave Sheldrake Photography

Near Aljezur, this is a delightful beach with wide open sand, good body-boarding waves, and the most stunning small black rocks washed up on the beach.

6 ~ Bordeira

Algarve beaches Dave Sheldrake Photography

A wide open large beach, with sand dunes and lots to explore – you are almost guaranteed to find some space on this beach – even in the summer! Follow the signs for Carrapateira, then Bordeira, and then park up and walk along a wooden board-walk to reach the beach – and look out for the surfer’s beach hut above!

5 ~ Armação de Pêra

Algarve beaches Dave Sheldrake Photography

A long expanse of wide sand, beach bars and fishermen mending their nets. As a beach, this seems to sum up the two extremes of Portuguese beaches for you – a working fisherman’s beach and a great sunbathing site!

4 ~ Evaristo beach

Algarve beaches Dave Sheldrake Photography

Near Albufeira, this has a lovely restaurant overlooking the beach, and is a great rocky beach for exploring and searching the many rock pools. With good facilities and even the chance of some celebrity-spotting too!

3 ~ Galé Beach

Algarve beaches Dave Sheldrake Photography

A wide and sheltered beach, with amazing rock formations at the eastern end to explore. This is one for a long leisurely walk along after lunch – and a great place to watch the sun set.

2 ~ Praia dos Três Irmãos

Algarve beaches Dave Sheldrake Photography

This is actually just the eastern end of Alvor beach, and is named after the three jutting rocks that extend into the sea, creating a stunning backdrop and a beautiful beach to relax and enjoy. With golden sand, and smaller coves to explore at low tide, this is a real treasure. There are also several good beach restaurants and cafes here too.

1 ~ Amoreira beach

Algarve beaches Dave Sheldrake Photography

Back to Aljezur on the west coast for this beach – and a real hidden treasure – we even thought long and hard about even sharing it with you on the blog – as it has such an unspoilt and magical feel to it. Drive through Aljezur, then turn left at the sports centre – and then it’s a long drive down a windy track – but well worth it!

Beautiful soft sand, backed by sand dunes, and with the most stunning rock formations and a lagoon at low tide, with a lovely restaurant overlooking the beach – perfection!

So that’s it – our top ten beaches – but which ones would you have chosen?

To be honest we could easily have made this a top 20 of Algarve beaches – because there are so many gorgeous places to enjoy along this stunning coastline.

Please note all the images here on this blog are © Dave Sheldrake Photography Please respect our copyright. Thank you.

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20 Responses to Our top 10 beaches of the Algarve

  1. Michael says:

    I take it the celebrities in location 4 are a certain Sheldrake couple!

  2. These photos are fabulous. I am trying really hard to pick a favourite, but I am struggling.

  3. Amado, Amoreira and Bordeira a definitely on my Top 10 List, too.

  4. Nice choice of beaches … so much to discover along the Portuguese coast! Try http://www.westcoastcampers.pt and get yourself a low cost campervan to explore all this hidden treasures.!

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  6. Shivani says:

    Nice and beautiful beaches. I will love to explore these beaches to cherish their experience lifetime.We provide information on travel places from Pune, be it beaches, hill stations. Check the link mentioned in the signature for more information.


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  9. John Azevedo says:

    8~ Is not Praia da Marinha, it is Praia da Estaquinha. I saw a giant jelly fish under the arch this summer. Here is a great guide to beaches

    Thanks for this very excellent blog!

  10. Hi Alyson and Dave, thank you for your information about the beaches in Algarve. I will definetly use it for my next surf trip to portugal. But is it allowed to surf on every on these beaches? how about Kiteschools there? Can you give any information about that? Thanks & kind regards 🙂

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