Loulé Market – Part 2

If you missed the first part of this post you can read it here – Don’t miss the market at Loulé

So having left you all to go for a quick coffee and a sneaky pastel de nata – we’re back and ready to go back to Loulé market to explore the rest of what this wonderful market has to offer…

As well as buying a big shopping bag to put all of your produce in so far, you might also be tempted by a beautiful handbag made out of cork, like one of these:

Loulé market #0017

 The craftsmanship is exquisite! Pride in their products and attention to detail are some of the traits of Portuguese crafts, and there are several small local shops within the market that sell traditional items and gifts – ideal for the holidaymaker looking for something original to take home as a gift. 

I love the pottery shops here, the vast array of items and colours on display are staggering – and so pretty!

Loulé market #0018

I am always drawn to the jugs, I love the shapes and patterns on them:

Loulé market #0019

And of course you cannot miss the inimitable Cock of Barcelos – who seems to get everywhere!

Loulé market #0020

My favourites though are the beautiful butterflies, which look stunning hung on the wall:

Loulé market #0021

And in case you haven’t got enough bags – here’s another traditional one for you!

Loulé market #0022

These letter tiles are really good value and can transform your house – we have our number displayed on our house using these and they are a lovely traditional touch:

Loulé market #0023

In case all this shopping has left you feeling peckish again, there are lots of stalls selling sweet fruit and nuts – and lots of unidentifiable objects too if you are feeling brave!

Loulé market #0024

And then it’s off outside – yes so far everything we have shown you is inside the market building! – and even more stalls and displays for you to marvel at. Chorizo is extremely popular here, and seeing them strung up like this in the fresh air is quite a sight!

Loulé market #0025

Next door are an array of fresh cheeses and hams – all of which Dave would be happy to buy!

Loulé market #0026

I loved these bananas tied to a post – there was something almost Caribbean about them hanging there:

Loulé market #0027

And not to be outdone were the giant garlic bulbs – also hanging in the sunshine:

Loulé market #0028

You cannot escape the bacalhau or dried cod stands, although I have to admit that I am far more interested in photographing it than preparing it!

Loulé market #0029

Finally a burst of bright colours and scents with the flower stalls – the prices are amazingly good value and it is nice to find fresh cut flowers for sale too as most supermarkets don’t sell them here unlike in the UK:

Loulé market #0030

One last walk around the outside of the market – well it is time for lunch now! – and you will find this wonderful life-size statue sat outside one of the side entrances. I love this so much, her expression is amazing – you instantly feel sorry for her and feel her pain – and if she were real I am sure you would be reaching for your money to buy some fish from her:

Loulé market #0031

So there it is – Loulé market in all its finery for you. I hope that you have enjoyed the tour.

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24 Responses to Loulé Market – Part 2

  1. I am going to visit this market. What a lovely post!

  2. I love the pictures! Beautiful!

  3. fgassette says:

    Looks like a delightful place to shop. Thanks for sharing. If I lived there, I am sure I would shop there.


  4. restlessjo says:

    I did! I did! It’s wonderful what they can do with cork now, Aly. I always feel guilty if we buy a screw top bottle of wine, which we mostly do these days in England, but these must compensate a little for a declining industry.

  5. Rusha Sams says:

    Love these pictures! I, too, like to snap pics of colorful veggies, art, crafts, people, etc. I’d love to shop in Loule! http://ohtheplaceswesee.com

  6. I am enthralled! I so miss the markets of Asia which are similar with their wonderful array of everything under the sun. Even though we have farmers markets, they simply don’t compare.

    • Admin says:

      what I love most is that this isn’t a tourist gimmick – this is just the local market – there are loads scattered across the Algarve, this is just one of the biggest.

  7. What a great market. I love the bags and butterflies.

  8. debbiesue180 says:

    Wow. I want to go shopping there!!

  9. my secret love for you says:

    Thank you for sharing, it is really a great place to go

  10. I think I would love Portugal, but I’d need much bigger shopping bag.

  11. Ms. Carmel Patrick says:

    We just returned from Portugal, and visiting this market was wonderful. We purchased dinnerware at the shop that seems to be photographed here, and, unfortunately, the bag with the larger serving bowl fell at the airport gate and shattered. I would like to contact the shop and see whether we can get a replacement. It is the beautiful sunflower pattern. The specific store had an older man owner…very sweet. Do you have any suggestions on how I could contact this store? Thanks!

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