Don’t miss the market at Loulé

 “About eighty percent of the food on shelves of supermarkets today didn’t exist 100 years ago.”  Larry McCleary

One of the things that did exist over a 100 years ago is Loulé market – and it is still a striking building today:

Loulé market #001Here’s an old picture of what Loulé once looked like, long before all the modern shops and restaurants arrived:

Loulé market #002

And here is the information plaque about the building of the market at the start of the 20th Century

Loulé market #003

Loule Municipal Market is open Mon – Sat from 7am to 3pm – although the best day to go is undoubtedly Saturday morning, as there are even more stalls outside to enjoy as well. It is worth getting there early as many of the fresh food and fish stalls will start to pack up as soon as their produce is sold. 

So why not join me on a stroll around the market – and be warned – there are so many stalls to enjoy that this post is split in two – the second half will be posted next week!

As you enter the market, you are immediately struck by the wonderful colours, sights and scents which are all around you – and a dazzling array of stalls and products to entice you.

I am always drawn to the hanging displays of peppers and chillies – including the famous piri-piri peppers:

Loulé market #004

The Portuguese are rightly proud of their heritage and culinary delights – many of the products on sale are home-made or locally made and very reasonably priced – including spicy piri-piri sauce:

Loulé market #005

You can often find a stall where you can taste things before you buy them – I am slightly concerned by the sauce on the right here – although fair play to them for labelling it so carefully!

Loulé market #006

There are many stalls with fresh fruit and vegetables for sale – all carefully arranged with pride:

Loulé market #007

There are none of your ‘supermarket’ perfectly sized and shaped selected products here though – these have to be some of the biggest radishes I have ever seen!

Loulé market #008

Local art and crafts sit alongside fresh produce – these are beautifully hand painted jars of honey for sale:

Loulé market #009

And if all this is making you hungry already – then the cakes will definitely be on your shopping list – these are amazing:

Loulé market #0010

One of the main sights (and smells!) has to be the fresh fish – the market has an amazing range of different fish on sale – most of it seems to be locally caught, although depending on the time of year, some of it may be from further afield like Norway – all of it is labelled though:

Loulé market #0011

There are fish here I have never even heard of before – I looked up Curvina or Corvina and it is a type of Sea Bass – which is my favourite – so I shall have to add this one to my shopping list:

Loulé market #0012

It’s a working fish market so not for the squeamish – these Salmon heads were for display (I think!) and looked quite gory!

Loulé market #0013

And this little fella was still alive and scrabbling around:

Loulé market #0014

But if all that fish is too much for you – there is plenty more for you to see, including handmade crafts like these slippers – which always look like they might be a good idea for winter on our cold tiled floors:

Loulé market #0015

And in case you have bought so many things in the market that you have run out of bags – you can just buy another one!

Loulé market #0016

Well, that’s half of the market covered – I told you it was a big market! So I’m off to have a well-earned coffee and pastry in one of the many coffee shops that surround the market, and have a rest in the sunshine for a while.

The second half of the market is coming soon…

This post is also part of our A to Z of Portugal, – M is for Market – of course!

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29 Responses to Don’t miss the market at Loulé

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  2. Gallivanta says:

    The handpainted pots of honey are gorgeous.

  3. With you on the chilli – it looks scary! Love the fluffy boots though and both of us could do with some new slippers. maybe I should see what’s on offer at my local market. This one looks better though, just a bit far away 🙂

  4. restlessjo says:

    Idling through my reader before jumping into my next post, I spotted a familiiar sight, and there you were, Aly. Well, there Loule market was! It’s brilliant, isn’t it? Were you there on a Saturday when the fullscale market kicks in? Probably not, as you were doing Carnaval.

    • Admin says:

      ah yes actually we managed to combine two things in one day – getting my money’s worth for the blog 😉
      Saturday is definitely the best day to visit….

  5. Marianne says:

    I can smell and hear Loule market from here! 🙂

    I love to visit local markets and am always pleased to see irregular shaped fruits and vegetables. None of that “perfectly shaped and sized” nonsense on the Iberian peninsula, huh? Who cares about that, anyway?

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  7. Clanmother says:

    I am so glad that you invited me to tag along….

  8. my secret love for you says:

    It looks like a great place to know!

  9. I’d want to buy a bit of everything!

  10. Everything looks so wonderful, I want a bit of it all.

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  12. Peter says:

    Don’t forget to taste some wine or liquors… There’s a small place named vinhos & companhia with a Nice couple! They have a nice liqueur named “abafado” … Divine

  13. Jel Bouman says:

    Reblogged this on whatamyday! and commented:
    Hier komen mijn aardbeien vandaan!

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  16. milesvdb says:

    can anyone suggest where we can do orange picking in this season? I want my daughter to experience orange/citroen picking in a local farm, you tip will be luch appreciated, we are staying in Portimao so nearby will be cool 😉 thanks and greetings.

  17. Janet and Pete. says:

    A very informative blog! Thank you.were going tomorrow!.Regards Pete and Janet.

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