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“To look at the paper is to raise a seashell to one’s ear and to be overwhelmed by the roar of humanity” Alain de Botton

I thought it might be useful to highlight a publication today that you might not even be aware of! Being in Portugal on the Algarve means that there are two main newspapers written in English for you to choose from – The Algarve Resident and The Portugal News. The Resident has just had a re-vamp with a new design and the Portugal News is free to read on-line. Both are quite similar in format and content.

But there is another alternative!

Algarve Daily News banner

I’ve been in touch with the owner and writer Paul Rees to find out more and here is what he told me:

“The is a web-based news and views site that grew from the acclaimed Get Real newspaper. There is also an often humorous weekly newsletter which is sent to over 6,000 Algarve residents which contains a ‘no holds barred’ look at this often bizarre place we call home” 

Messines photograph A3 Art

“Criticism where criticism is due, is a speciality. Unlike the local English newspapers that tend to sit on the fence claiming to ‘be objective’, we have an opinion on most things that Portugal’s often insane systems can throw at us. Tolls, water services, VAT rises, mining, ministerial U-turns, local council duplicity and famously the opposition to the proposed destruction of the Salgados wildlife area near Armação de Pêra – all are topics that hold no fear, nor should they in this young democracy”

Readers of this blog may well remember my recent post Save Salgados and Paul was instrumental in supporting this cause from its inception – you can read one of the articles by clicking the link below:

Algarve Daily News Salgados articles

“It’s not all acerbic though as the loves to publicise all of the good things that go on here, the charities, the fundraising events, the businesses and business groups and the special people that make our lives richer”

I can certainly attest to that – they have been brilliant at supporting our exhibitions and events, and even this week added this article for us onto their site:

Algarve Daily News Article A3 Art

Alongside Classifieds; Property for sale and local business listings; there is also a wealth of information and local community news to read.

There are also daily news updates on the site – and Paul is also a whizz on twitter and Facebook – the updates are really useful and informative – and also important as Paul recognises:

“It’s all too easy as expats to remain unaware of issues that affect us, things like the tolls, winter fuel payments, taxation changes, and local council tax changes”

Here’s a snapshot from today’s featured news stories:

News page of Algarve Daily News

There are 25,000 readers logging on to the every month, why not join in the fun?

You can find them here via these links: website 

Facebook page 


Sign up for the weekly newsletter via the homepage of the site 

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  1. Sonja Chinn says:

    Does anyone know how I can find a long lost friend who has been living on the algarve for around 14years ? I think he teaches music but last I heard he was busking on avenida dos pescadores in 2008 ! Is he still there ? His name is Barry Norton age 64 , my name is Sonja email if anyone can help , Thankyou .

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