The invitations are piling up – it must be Christmas!

It has been a busy time at Sheldrake Towers, and the mantelpiece has been full of shiny invitations to events. It might be a quiet time of year for tourism here on the Algarve, but there are still a lot of things happening, and many of them are set up to raise money for charity or enhance the profile of the Algarve – all a good thing!

Last weekend we were very busy! On Friday evening we went to the opening of a new exhibition of work by local artist Liz Allen:


Liz is a really nice gentle person, and it was great to be able to catch up with her again. She paints bright acrylic work in the Naïve style, and is a member of The Association of British Naïve Artists. Her work is colourful, full of pattern and shape, and intuitive, and I always enjoy seeing her new pieces:


Naïve paintings have a characteristic absence of perspective, which creates the illusion that figures are “floating” and also means that features and buildings that would normally be decreased in size and detail the further away they are in the landscape are painted with the same rich intensity and colours as those in the foreground – which always makes her paintings very interesting as she gives a unique spin on local Algarve villages and scenes.

The exhibition is on throughout December at the offices of Town and Country Estate Agents in Carvoeiro – click here for their website and directions.

You can also view more of Liz’s work on her website Liz Allen Art 

Saturday morning saw us up bright and early so that we could go to Armação de Pêra for the Father Christmas Walk which raises food and money for the ‘Banco Alimentar de Portugal’ or Portuguese Food Bank which does an amazing job collecting and distributing food to those in need:

Santa walk 2013 Dave Sheldrake photography

It was lovely to see so many Santas walking through the town in the bright sunshine, although this dear little puppy looked very tired afterwards:

Santa walk 2013 Dave Sheldrake photography Saturday afternoon saw us dashing off to Vale de Lobo and the Christmas market – there are a plethora of markets and events across the Algarve each Christmas, and we had promised our friends at Birch Photography that we would pop in and see them – we had also had a lovely personal invitation from the organisers Inspirations Algarve who have been a fantastic support all year advertising our exhibitions and events for us – so it was great to actually meet Paul Rouse and his wife Kate at last!


The event I have to say was actually quite tricky to find – unless you know the Vale de Lobo resort well – but we eventually found the main auditorium – and it was great! Now in its fourth year, the Christmas market raises money for a number of the Algarve’s leading charities, including the Wolf Valley Charity Fund, Their Voice Portugal, the New Goldra Dog Sanctuary, the Algarve Oncology Association, and the Peta Birch Community Association. All very worthy causes indeed. There were a large number of stalls, mainly selling crafts and gifts, with plenty of food and drink on sale too. We even managed to buy some nice Christmas cards for a very reasonable price too – now all we have to do is write them and post them!

The children’s entertainment was great, with Santa, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, face painting, and even two of the actors from the Zoomarine, who were very funny – and one of them took a particular liking to Dave at one point:


Naturally we had to have a go in the photo booth set up by Birch Photography - Dan and Natasha are such a great couple and are so relaxed and friendly – which is probably why we ended up with a shot like this to keep – which we have now decided will become our ‘Official Christmas Photograph’ … we have vowed to get our revenge later…


Monday saw us spending the afternoon celebrating Christmas at Cliff’s vineyard on the Algarve, alongside many other friends and family of the estate. It was great to be able to have a quick look around as well, it has been quite a few years since we toured the vineyard, and it has definitely expanded since then:

 Alyson Sheldrake Photographer

We were also able to try some of the delicious Vida Nova Sparkling Rosé wine and enjoy a fabulous hog roast whilst listening to local children sing and entertain the crowds.

 Alyson Sheldrake Photographer

The views from the estate are stunning at any time of year, but there is something magical about the sunlight streaming through the burnished red and orange leaves of the old vines:

Alyson Sheldrake Photographer

It was a lovely afternoon!

We haven’t even really begun to think about planning our own Christmas yet, but all of these invitations and events are certainly beginning to get us into the mood – just one more commission to finish painting this week and then I can begin to hunt out the Christmas decorations!
And wherever you are – and however you celebrate – have a fantastic Christmas!

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Our top 10 beaches of the Algarve

The Algarve is known for its stunning coastline and beautiful beaches – and we have enjoyed exploring so many of them over the years. We also enjoy sneaking our way up onto the West Coast around Aljezur as well – so you’ll find some of our top 10 are around this area too.

In 2012 the Algarve was voted Europe’s top beach destination and it’s not hard to see why! Choosing just ten beaches to share with you was an almost impossible task – but here they are – our top 10 beaches – in reverse order!

10 ~ Praia do Amado

Algarve beaches Dave Sheldrake Photography

Wild, unspoilt and great for surfing! This is a great beach to get away from it all, and has soft sand and big skies. There is also an international surf school here – the Algarve Surf School The beach is on the west coast near Carrapateira.

9 ~ Praia de Molhe, Ferragudo

Algarve beaches Dave Sheldrake Photography

A small beach with a big heart. As you can see from the above image, it is one of the most stunning small beaches from which to capture an amazing sunset. On the way to Carvoeiro from Ferragudo, alongside the lighthouse and walkway on the Ferragudo side of the harbour.

8 ~ Praia da Marinha

Algarve beaches Dave Sheldrake Photography

This is a view that is so iconic to the Algarve – crumbling cliffs, hidden coves and incredible arches of rock reaching out into the sea. Marinha is one of several beaches east of Carvoeiro, near Armação de Pêra. Access to the beach is via some steep steps – or you can enjoy views like this from the cliff-top walk.

7 ~ Monte Clérigo

Algarve beaches Dave Sheldrake Photography

Near Aljezur, this is a delightful beach with wide open sand, good body-boarding waves, and the most stunning small black rocks washed up on the beach.

6 ~ Bordeira

Algarve beaches Dave Sheldrake Photography

A wide open large beach, with sand dunes and lots to explore – you are almost guaranteed to find some space on this beach – even in the summer! Follow the signs for Carrapateira, then Bordeira, and then park up and walk along a wooden board-walk to reach the beach – and look out for the surfer’s beach hut above!

5 ~ Armação de Pêra

Algarve beaches Dave Sheldrake Photography

A long expanse of wide sand, beach bars and fishermen mending their nets. As a beach, this seems to sum up the two extremes of Portuguese beaches for you – a working fisherman’s beach and a great sunbathing site!

4 ~ Evaristo beach

Algarve beaches Dave Sheldrake Photography

Near Albufeira, this has a lovely restaurant overlooking the beach, and is a great rocky beach for exploring and searching the many rock pools. With good facilities and even the chance of some celebrity-spotting too!

3 ~ Galé Beach

Algarve beaches Dave Sheldrake Photography

A wide and sheltered beach, with amazing rock formations at the eastern end to explore. This is one for a long leisurely walk along after lunch – and a great place to watch the sun set.

2 ~ Praia dos Três Irmãos

Algarve beaches Dave Sheldrake Photography

This is actually just the eastern end of Alvor beach, and is named after the three jutting rocks that extend into the sea, creating a stunning backdrop and a beautiful beach to relax and enjoy. With golden sand, and smaller coves to explore at low tide, this is a real treasure. There are also several good beach restaurants and cafes here too.

1 ~ Amoreira beach

Algarve beaches Dave Sheldrake Photography

Back to Aljezur on the west coast for this beach – and a real hidden treasure – we even thought long and hard about even sharing it with you on the blog – as it has such an unspoilt and magical feel to it. Drive through Aljezur, then turn left at the sports centre – and then it’s a long drive down a windy track – but well worth it!

Beautiful soft sand, backed by sand dunes, and with the most stunning rock formations and a lagoon at low tide, with a lovely restaurant overlooking the beach – perfection!

So that’s it – our top ten beaches – but which ones would you have chosen?

To be honest we could easily have made this a top 20 of Algarve beaches – because there are so many gorgeous places to enjoy along this stunning coastline.

Please note all the images here on this blog are © Dave Sheldrake Photography Please respect our copyright. Thank you.

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Life in the Algarve Survey – Meravista

What’s life like for you in the Algarve?

Complete Meravista’s survey today and you could win a case of wine.

Meravista logo If you’re an expat living in the Algarve, then Meravista would love to hear from you!

Meravista, one of the Algarve’s newest property websites, is conducting a survey to collect information and personal opinions from as many expats as possible who live in the region. They will use the details they collate to help support their promotion of the Algarve as a wonderful place for a second home, relocation hotspot or retirement destination.

If you live here in the Algarve, you’ll know exactly why you moved here and what you love about life on this charismatic tip of southern Portugal. But think back to when you were just considering relocating to the region and the questions and uncertainties you had about taking such a big step.

By taking part in their survey you will be helping them to promote life and living in the Algarve to people looking to buy a holiday home abroad and to those considering relocating or retiring to warmer climes. The Meravista Algarve Expat Survey should take you about ten minutes to complete. It’s simple to work through and there are a number of multiple choice questions and lots of free text space to give you an opportunity to tell them more if you want to. Basically, they’d just like you to tell them a little bit about yourself, why you moved here and what Algarvean life is like for you.

They ask questions like:

What type of property do you own?

Do you have children at school in the Algarve?

What are your favourite hobbies?

How do you spend your leisure time?

Meravista survey screenshot

They want to hear from people of all ages and nationality to take part in their survey – which is completely free to complete. So, whether you are retired, running your own business or employed here, you can complete the survey and tell them why you chose to move to the region and what you think of the Algarve lifestyle.

To thank you for taking part in their survey, you can opt to be entered into their prize draw to win a case of delicious fine Portuguese wine. Three lucky winners will be drawn when the survey closes and will be informed by email.

So if you are happy to complete the survey – you can click the logo here and be taken straight to the start of the survey:

Meravista survey

Alternatively you can click this link here:

The survey closes on 9th November 2013


Please don’t forget to tell your friends and family about their survey too! 


You will be able to read about the survey results and see how your view of life in the Algarve compares to others. Meravista will be posting results and information on their Blog page soon after the survey closes in early November; and we are hoping to have links to the results here on our Algarve Blog too.

 *Just to be open and transparent here – we don’t have any involvement in the survey or its results from this blog – we were just asked if we were able to promote it for Meravista – which we were happy to do free of charge as it seemed like such a good idea – anything that promotes life in the Algarve seems like a positive thing to us!

And just to remind you of how beautiful life here in the Algarve can be, here’s one of Dave’s recent photographs of Alvor for you to enjoy:

Dave Sheldrake Photography

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Afternoon tea and Faded Grandeur in the Monchique

It’s not just David Cameron who enjoys the gentle delights of the Monchique area – we love popping up there for an afternoon stroll – and now one of our favourite haunts has just got better as we discovered a quaint little tea shop that sells amazing home-made cakes – more about that later!

First stop for us is always the viewing platform area near the top of town – the views across the town and countryside are spectacular – as you can see from the shot below:

Monchique Algarve Blog Panoramic

Then it’s off to wander the streets and take in the sights – we rarely have a ‘plan’ when we arrive, we just like to amble round and explore the back streets:

Monchique Algarve Blog #001

We always stop off in the square to admire the statues which sit so majestically:

Monchique Algarve Blog #005The whole structure is a tribute to one man –  Dr Humberto Messias, a local from Monchique and noted surgeon in Lisbon. He stated that he did not want a statue on a pedestal, so they have cast him interacting with local people sat in the square. The statues are bronze cast and stunning:

Monchique Algarve Blog #006 There are so many old grand buildings in Monchique that are just fantastic to photograph – I love this old door with its carvings and ornate detail – what a story I am sure it could tell:

Monchique Algarve Blog #007There is even a key hanging up in a side window of the house – long fallen into disrepair – I wonder if it would open the front door?!

Monchique Algarve Blog #008An old carriage wheel lies forlorn nearby – there is so much history to be found in this one town:

Monchique Algarve Blog #016 And even the more modern forms of transport go back to the 1960’s!

Monchique Algarve Blog #009Next stop is a trek up the ‘Monkey steps’ – they are quite a daunting climb – but well worth the effort!

Monchique Algarve Blog #004Half way up is a quick stop – not to catch our breath (!) but to stop to marvel at one of our favourite little streets, with its faded buildings and charming history – the building half way up on the right is still a shoe shop – selling the most fantastic array of old style shoes in boxes. I would love to know how long the old boy has been working there!

Monchique Algarve Blog #003And so to the top – and our hidden treasure – the fantastic ÓCháLá tea room which is a haven amongst the old buildings and faded charms of Monchique.

Monchique Algarve Blog #012 The menu outside hints at the treats to be found inside:

Monchique Algarve Blog #013From the outside it seems to be another faded and dilapidated building – but inside it is light, bright and airy – and even has free wi-fi!

Monchique Algarve Blog #014We were delighted to find ‘afternoon tea’ on the menu, with a vast array of teas to choose from – we chose Earl Grey and it came with its own egg timer and tea strainer so that we could have the perfectly brewed tea:

Monchique Algarve Blog #010

But the real delights were the home-made scones which were warm from the oven and delicious. We were not surprised to find that the cream and jam were not really ‘English’ – we’ve never found ‘proper’ cream out here – much less clotted cream for my Devon boy (!) and the jam was a bit thin and runny – but oh so yummy!!

Monchique Algarve Blog #011We have returned there since then and tried their home made lemonade and it was fab! The place has a very relaxed and homely feel, with comfy chairs and a nice big display of home-made cakes –  the perfect spot to while away an hour or so in the afternoon!

Then of course it’s time for a spot of shopping – the little shops in Monchique certainly have an interesting range of goods for sale – and most of them are locally made:

Monchique Algarve Blog #017

One last stop for another ‘faded grandeur’ shot of an old rusting window frame:

Monchique Algarve Blog #020And a final shot which just seemed to sum up our afternoon in the Monchique – I do hope the Bombeiros are not called out on a shout in a hurry as this dear old thing was fast asleep on their forecourt:

Monchique Algarve Blog #018It was then off to Foia for a great photo shoot as the sun set and a walk amongst the stunning scenery – but that’s a post for another day:

Monchique Algarve Blog FoiaIf you have enjoyed this post, you might also enjoy our other posts about Monchique too:

Spotlight on Monchique and Convent in Exile

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Spectacular Medieval Fair at Silves

It’s here! Our favourite time of year has returned – for ten days the town of Silves is transported back to Medieval Times, with feasting, dancing, jousting and market stalls!

We’ve posted up our favourite photos from this year’s event here – but for now here’s a quick guide to what to expect – and what to see – between now and the 11th August.

Silves Medieval Fair 2013 #001

Arriving at Silves it is not long before you are caught up in the excitement of it all – if you park in the municipal car park near the swimming pool you can help the fund-raising of the local Bombeiros by paying 2 euros – and then walk past the river to one of the Fair’s ticket booths. The event is ticket only again – but for 2 Euros for a evening’s entry to the town – or only 4 Euros for a wrist band for the entire 10 days – this is extremely good value.

Shows cost extra – the jousting tournament + entry = 5 Euros or you can pay 5 Euros for entry + Castle entertainment which this year is a circus theatre group. You could even go the whole way and pay 60 Euros (adult) 30 Euros (child age 6-10) for a Medieval Experience which includes a costume, entry to all events and shows with an escort, a medieval banquet and a souvenir.

Silves Medieval Fair 2013 #002

You can rent a costume for the night for only 3 Euros (adult) or 2 Euros (child) which is very good value as the costumes are quite impressive!

It is hard to know where to begin once you arrive – there are so many things to see and experience. Assuming that you do not have a show to catch which are timed – then you are free to wander around.

The area around Praca Al-Muthamid gardens has been transformed again – and this year there are a lot more games and events for families and children to enjoy – including archery!

Silves Medieval Fair 2013 #003Each night re-enacts a different part of the history of this town, which was the Moorish capital of the Algarve. The show covers the period from 1189 during the reign of Sancho I, with the first Christian conquest of the city – through to 1191 with the Muslim re-conquest.

Silves Medieval Fair 2013 #004

Each night covers a different re-enactment, once again wonderfully acted by the Viv’Arte drama company. For the full guide you can download a pdf here Silves Medieval Fair Guide 

Silves Medieval Fair 2013 #005At 6pm each evening the events commence with a procession through the streets starting from the Praca Al-Muthamid and winding its way all the way to the top of the town outside the Castle. It’s quite a steep climb in the heat of the day!

Silves Medieval Fair 2013 #006

At 6.30pm there is a small drama in front of the Cathedral – and then it is a feast of colour, drama, events and stories all evening. It’s fair to say that it can be quite hard to know what is happening where – many times this week we’ve turned a corner to find a dance troupe or drumming group have just finished a set – although we have found that this year if you ask a group they usually know where they are going to be and at what time – so just ask!

There are so many different groups performing around the event – including a Medieval dance group:

Silves Medieval Fair 2013 #007

And a circus theatre group who are the main event in the Castle each evening:

Silves Medieval Fair 2013 #008

Our favourite belly-dancers are also back:

Silves Medieval Fair 2013 #009Add to all that a medieval music group, a drumming group, troubadours, and Eqyptian dancers – not to mention the travelling actors who wander the streets re-enacting slavery, drunkenness and medieval life!

Silves Medieval Fair 2013 #010

The streets have been transformed again into a series of market stalls, bazaars and food stalls, selling all manner of crafts, homemade goods and wonderful items – a shopper’s paradise! You can even exchange your euros for Xelbs – the local currency at the time – with a pleasing exchange rate of 1:1

Silves Medieval Fair 2013 #011Food is plentiful and good value – be prepared to ‘buy’ your flagon or pottery cup for your drink and to leave a hefty deposit on the pottery roof tile ‘plates’ that your food is served in – which is refundable upon return. We paid 7 Euros for a plate of ‘mista do carne’ (mixed meat platter) and 7 Euros for 2 ‘espetadas’ – meat kebabs – both of which were delicious – and drinks are usually 1 Euro for a refill of your cup. You then hunker down on a straw bale beside everyone else and tuck in – great fun!

Silves Medieval Fair 2013 #012The Jousting Tournament is ticket only – and good value for an hour’s entertainment. I would say it is particularly well suited for families, and has a good balance of humour and story-telling with some mean feats of horse-riding and dexterity.

Silves Medieval Fair 2013 #013

One word of advice – wear something sensible on your feet! The cobbles are notoriously slippery in Silves – and there is a lot of climbing up and sliding down steep streets to negotiate if you want to get the full flavour of this event!

Silves Medieval Fair 2013 #015

The event runs from 6pm each evening, until 1am. Fridays and Saturdays are open until 2pm and on the final night – Sunday 11th – there will be a closing show at midnight in front of the Cathedral.

Silves Medieval Fair 2013 #016

We can heartily recommend this event – for us it is the highlight of the summer events held across the Algarve – and so far Dave has been every night! There are now some fantastic images from him on his website – Dave Sheldrake Photography – and he is also posting images throughout the week on his Facebook Page

We’ll add another blog post next week with the best of the images from around the shows and stalls – but for now – if you are in the Algarve this week – then do go and enjoy this spectacular event – and look out for us with our cameras!

Postscript – we’ve now added the best images onto Dave’s photo journal site – you can really get a feel for the event via his images – click the link here to be transported to a Medieval Time:

Dave Sheldrake Photography – Silves Medieval Festival 2013

© 2013 Copyright – all images belong to Dave and Alyson Sheldrake. Please do not reproduce, download or use any of these images or text without our written consent.

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Anyone for sardines?

Sardinha#001Portimão is known locally as the ‘Sardine Capital’ and each year the Sardine Festival is one of the highlights on the local calendar. This year it is entering its 19th year and we wandered over to the Portimão riverside area on the first night of the event to see what was happening.

Portimao Sardine Fair 2013

The riverside has many fish restaurants, all jostling for customers – but this year the atmosphere felt a bit less jolly and a lot more strained. At the first restaurant we stopped by, where we know the waiters well, they were very friendly and chatty – until they realised we were only looking and not planning to eat – then one of the waiters literally pushed us away and walked off!

Portimao Sardine Fair 2013

At another restaurant we witnessed a waiter loudly barking orders angrily at a junior waiter in Portuguese; then when a couple walked past he turned to them with a big false smile and said ‘Hello’ in the most hilariously ‘posh’ English accent imaginable.

I have to say we had walked past the same restaurants the night before – and apart from the fact they are now displaying the event posters – none of them had anything different on offer on their boards – or a special price on sardines – in fact most of them weren’t even advertising sardines!

Round the corner under the road bridge they have set up a small stage and some seating – I love the sprayed on fishes and sign on the back wall:

Portimao Sardine Fair 2013

It is spoilt a little bit though by the burger vans!

Reports suggest that the town council have decided to save money this year and have turned the Festival into more of a street party feel – there will be live music every evening at 9pm which is good. It does feel a little tame though and the traditional theme of ‘sardines’ really seems to have been lost somewhere in the disco lights and fast food stalls.

Under the bridge in the restaurant quarter, all seemed to be business as normal – restaurants were busy and fish being eaten a-plenty – although it is like that most nights at this time of year to be fair to them:

Portimao Sardine Fair 2013

I did manage to spot some sardines though!

Portimao Sardine Fair 2013

Back to the fair area – and one of the old buildings has been opened up for a small craft market which is nice

Portimao Sardine Fair 2013

And then we went for a walk along the riverfront as we often do in the evening – there has been a small funfair and lots of ‘market stalls’ (all selling the same stuff!) for about a week now, so you can’t really say that they are part of the ‘Sardine Fair’

Portimao Sardine Fair 2013

If you want to experience the real ‘Sardine’ story then I can recommend visiting the Portimão museum – I have blogged about that before – you can read about it here via this link:

Afternoon at the Museum

The museum gives a detailed and fascinating insight into the history of this fishing community:

Portimao Sardine Fair 2013We also missed the procession which happened last year – lots of local people walking along the riverfront waving silver cardboard fishes in the air and singing – all accompanied by local music. It gave the festival a more traditional feel – and was a great start to the event.

Portimao Sardine Fair 2013

Sadly for me, this year’s event is summed up by the sign on the riverfront above – and we were left feeling quite saddened that such a traditional event had been overtaken by funfair rides and burger vans.

Let’s hope next year it returns in its former glory – and we can again enjoy a plate of delicious hot sardines whilst marvelling at the proud and simple fishing history of this area.

Portimao Sardine Fair 2013

The fair runs from the 1st to 11th August.

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Sand Sculptures on the Algarve

It’s been one of those things that we have been meaning to visit every year – the International Sand Sculpture Festival near Guia – and this year we had friends staying with us who wanted to go as well – so off we went!

Sand Sculptures Algarve

The ‘Fiesa’ is now in its 11th year, and each year since 2003 it has given the Algarve 5 months of entertainment – with a different theme each year! It also appears to be getting bigger and better each year too – so what better time than now for us to go and explore this outdoor event.

Sand Sculptures Algarve

The official website ‘Fiesa’ describes the scale of the event – forty thousand tons of sand, which are carved annually by fifty artists, national and international, covering a construction area of 15,000 m2, with sculptures that reach twelve feet tall. The exhibition is the work of a professional company ‘Prosandart’ and you can click the link on their name if you want to read more about how the works are formed.

Sand Sculptures Algarve

I have tried – and failed – to understand exactly how they are made – and more importantly – how they manage to stand so magnificently for five months! It appears to need sand and water – which is compressed many times in moulds – and then formed into the shapes – and you need special sand – but anything more technical than that remains a mystery to me!

Perhaps however it is better that way – then you are free to just wander around the impressively large site enjoying the experience and marvelling at the sculptures!

Sand Sculptures AlgarveThe theme this year is Music in all its guises – and is a broad and engaging theme as you wander round trying to name all of the characters on display:

Sand Sculptures AlgarveThe range is impressive – from classical music, musical theatre, films, gospel music, religion, modern pop bands, jazz and the cinema, the circus, and even Greek gods. There’s even room for Johnny Depp in the film section!

Sand Sculptures Algarve

There are signs as you travel around the site explaining the different genres and themes for you:

Sand Sculptures AlgarveAnd there are also signs with the names of the sculptors and their nationalities which is a nice touch:

Sand Sculptures AlgarveThe magic begins as dusk falls and the lights are switched on, bathing the sculptures in coloured lights and highlighting their features and faces to great effect:

Sand Sculptures Algarve The detail on some of the statues is really impressive:

Sand Sculptures Algarve One of my favourites was actually a relief figure of Madonna which was spectacular lit up:

Sand Sculptures Algarve

A word of warning – wear shoes that you can rinse off or clean easily – you will need to as the ground is very dusty! Also we had a very bad case of mosquitoes that swarmed around us as the light dropped – which was a shame as dusk really is the best time to visit this event – so that you can see the detail on the statues before the light goes – and then enjoy the light show as it gets dark. So make sure you take some mozzie repellant!

The exhibition is open every day between May 25 and October 25 – although watch out for the different closing times through the season:
Between May 25 and June 27 they are open from 10am until 10pm.
Between June 28 and September 15 from 10am until Midnight.
Between September 16 and October 25 from 10am until 8pm.

Sand Sculptures AlgarveIt takes about an hour and a half to walk around and enjoy all that the exhibition has to offer – and it’s very easy to find yourself going back round again! There is also a fast food stall and a selection of picnic tables and seating – complete with a sand pit to play in of course!

There is also a small selection of stalls selling local crafts and goods at the exit too which are well worth browsing – we were tempted in several of them!

Sand Sculptures Algarve

Prices are reasonable – children up to 5 are free, from 6-12 years they are € 4.50 and adults are € 9. Over 65s get a 15% discount. Most supermarkets have a leaflet advertising the event with a 10% discount offer.

Sand Sculptures AlgarveThe location is easy to find on the map, situated between Pêra and Algoz – just follow the signs from the N125.

Sand Sculptures Algarve

It’s well worth a visit!

For more examples of days out and things to do on the Algarve – you might enjoy reading our post The 7 day holiday guide to the Algarve - and if you have been to the Sand Sculpture Festival do let us know what you thought of it in the comments below!

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