Finding a good accountant in the Algarve

Those of you that regularly read this blog will know that we have tried to be ‘legal’ here since we arrived, which includes being resident and having our respective businesses registered here so that we can pay tax and contribute fairly to the system and country we have chosen to live in.

When we first started looking into running a business here we were under no illusions that it would be complicated and that we would probably find ourselves drowning in bureaucracy and paperwork – and we were not disappointed!

Dave Sheldrake Photographer, Alyson Sheldrake Artist

One of the first things we knew that we needed would be a good accountant, and not wanting to plunge completely into the dark, we asked around and got a recommendation from someone we knew. I think in hindsight we should probably have been more wary from the start – and without naming any names in this article – suffice to say that arriving at an accountant’s office and being greeted by their secretary in a plush office that could easily have graced a five-star hotel; complete with plush sofas, coffee table with magazines placed ‘just-so’ and a ‘free’ coffee from the luxury coffee machine .. probably should have made us more wary of just how much this was going to cost us.

Little did we know it had the potential to ‘cost us’ in more than one way! Continue reading

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Adopting a rescue dog in the Algarve

Algarve Blog - Kat the dog

It would be fair to say that we have wanted a dog for a long while; we grew up with always having a dog as part of the family and adore the love and companionship they give you. There are so many rescue dogs out here that need a home that it was always going to be a dog in need that would win us both over – but the question was – which one?

Having talked to Ginie from SOS Algarve Animals (SOSAA) about this we initially toyed with the idea of adopting a young puppy but it was good to talk things through first and we agreed that a puppy would be a large commitment when we are both working and would be harder to fit into our lives than we first thought … so we left it to Ginie and she promised that she would find us the right dog.  Continue reading

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Carnival Season in The Algarve

It seems to come around more quickly every year, yes it’s carnival time again on the Algarve.


Yesterday I headed off to the town of Loulé in the central Algarve, which is reputed to have the best Carnival, done in the ‘Rio’ style. Continue reading

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England U’17s Football in the Algarve

It’s not every day that you can say that you can literally walk to the end of your road and watch the England team play football!

posterU17s football

The International Algarve Cup takes place each year for under 17’s .. this year Portugal, England, Germany and Holland are competing in various stadiums across the Algarve from today 13th February to next Tuesday 17th February, in the 38th tournament to be held here in the Algarve. Continue reading

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Anyone for Afternoon Tea?

Portugal is renowned for its coffee shops and cafés on every corner … so it was refreshing to find something different nestled on a side street in Portimão – a traditional tea room with a rather nice selection of cakes .. well it would have been rude not to try them?!

Portimão A Casa da Isabel tea room

It’s pretty easy to find this – the ‘A Casa da Isabel’ tea room – if you know where the ‘Largo December 1′ in Portimão is – we’ve blogged about this little park before Yarn Bombing in Portimão and Organic Produce in the Park – then stand with your back to the garden facing the Municipal Theatre .. turn left and walk down the main street the Rua Direita – about half way down on the left you will find this little tea room.  Continue reading

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SOS Algarve Animals Sponsorship 2015

SOS Algarve Animals Charity Sponsorship

I am delighted to be able to inform you that for the whole of 2015 I will again be donating 10% of my profits from my Pet Portrait paintings to the wonderful SOS Algarve Animals Charity here on the Algarve.

SOS Algarve Animals are a registered charity that help abandoned animals in the Algarve. Portugal is believed to be one of the worst countries in Europe for animal neglect and abandonment; on average SOS Algarve Animals re-homes between 300 and 400 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens every year. They are also involved in sterilizing approximately 600 dogs and cats every year.

You can find out more about this charity by clicking the logo below which will direct you to their website:

SOS Algarve Animals Charity Sponsorship

Continue reading

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Culture in the Algarve

There are times, we admit, when we miss some of the culture and concerts that the UK has to offer. If a major band or singer is going to do a concert here in Portugal, invariably it will be in Lisbon – the Algarve is often the poor relation.

So when we see something advertised down here – we do tend to try to get tickets and go along!

We are big fans of the New Year’s Day televised live Strauss concert in Vienna – it seems to set us up for the New Year nicely … so Dave was delighted to see a poster in the Lagoa theatre window advertising this treat:


It was to be held in our local -white elephant- auditorium which is rarely used – sadly.  Continue reading

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