Virtually Ascot – it’s virtually here!

Virtually Ascot Event

The 20th June should be a date in your diary! The first in a new theme for the Algarve, ‘Virtually There’ events will let you experience an event as if you were there! Ladies Day at Ascot is a traditionally British event – a day when everyone dresses up, sips pimms and enjoys everything that is British! The perfect event to recreate in the Algarve for charity.  Continue reading

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Odeceixe Delight

We are continuing with our theme of sharing some real gems and hidden places with you. This is one of our favourite places to go and hide when the Algarve gets really busy, or the sun gets too hot for us.


We fell in love with the west coast many years ago, and delight in exploring all that it has to offer. As well as its many beautiful beaches there are also some pretty little villages that are well worth exploring – and Odeceixe is right up there amongst our favourites. Continue reading

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Our Secret sítio das fontes

There are lots of hidden little walks and places in the Algarve that are hard to find and are often little hidden gems … we even hesitated about sharing this one with you as the sítio das fontes near Estombar, in the parish of Lagoa, is such a peaceful and quiet place – we don’t want too many people to find it!

sítio das fontes Estombar Algarve Blog

It’s 18 hectares of municipal park and land with a lake, fountain, river walk, picnic area and so much open space and amenities to enjoy.  Continue reading

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Bike my Side – Yes please!

Dave was recently asked to do a photo shoot to accompany Bike my Side’s listing in our and we were both lucky enough to be treated to a two hour Bike my Side experience around Portimão and Ferragudo.

We met our guide Delfim over at the Naval Club at Portimão one sunny morning and we were both instantly impressed with the shiny black motorcycle and sidecar waiting for us.

Bike my Side Algarve Blog

It’s a classic black Russian Ural sidecar motorcycle, whose history dates back to the 1940’s – although this one is actually a 2012 model so it’s got modern technology to support its authentic look. It’s still a quirky bike though, and one that was handled perfectly by Delfim throughout the ride.  Continue reading

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Wild Flowers in the Waste Ground

Algarve Blog Wild Flowers

Having a dog means that I am up bright and early every morning to walk her. We are very lucky to have many lovely walks around where we live, we usually walk down to the village and then along the beach .. and then back along a little ‘meadow’ of waste land that has never been built upon.

Algarve Blog Wild Flowers

It’s on these walks that I have started to notice just how many wild flowers are growing amongst the grass and rubble – and started to take my little compact camera with me on the walks (Dave’s not the only one with a camera here!!) Continue reading

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Our Easter Exhibition is now open!

We are delighted to be back at the Hotel Carvoeiro Sol – right beside the beach in Carvoeiro – with an exhibition of brand new work showcasing a range of modern acrylic and oil paintings, photographic art and prints. Jazz musician Cory Sea is also launching his new album and will be playing live at the exhibition.

Carvoeiro Sol Hotel art and photography exhibition April 2015


Following our almost sell-out success of our last exhibition, we are pleased to return to the Hotel Carvoeiro Sol again this Easter, and this time we have invited two new upcoming and exciting artists to join us; we are delighted to be welcoming Lesley Goldie and Cory Sea to exhibit with us in our`pop-up´ gallery in the hotel. Continue reading

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Finding a good accountant in the Algarve

Those of you that regularly read this blog will know that we have tried to be ‘legal’ here since we arrived, which includes being resident and having our respective businesses registered here so that we can pay tax and contribute fairly to the system and country we have chosen to live in.

When we first started looking into running a business here we were under no illusions that it would be complicated and that we would probably find ourselves drowning in bureaucracy and paperwork – and we were not disappointed!

Dave Sheldrake Photographer, Alyson Sheldrake Artist

One of the first things we knew that we needed would be a good accountant, and not wanting to plunge completely into the dark, we asked around and got a recommendation from someone we knew. I think in hindsight we should probably have been more wary from the start – and without naming any names in this article – suffice to say that arriving at an accountant’s office and being greeted by their secretary in a plush office that could easily have graced a five-star hotel; complete with plush sofas, coffee table with magazines placed ‘just-so’ and a ‘free’ coffee from the luxury coffee machine .. probably should have made us more wary of just how much this was going to cost us.

Little did we know it had the potential to ‘cost us’ in more than one way! Continue reading

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