My A ~ Z of Portugal

My A to Z of Portugal

Thank you to the wonderful blog Julie Dawn Fox for this idea … take each letter of the alphabet and write a different post using the letter as the basis for a post about things I care about in Portugal. This quickly became the global project that is now ‘My Personal A ~ Z Challenge’ – click here to find out more…

So this is simply a page that will list all of my personal A ~ Z posts about Portugal – so that they don’t get lost in the global whirl!

I am going to write about a range of things – but I will try not to write about a specific place or town – as these will be covered in my new ‘Spotlight on’ series

Here’s the post I created to start things off… My Personal A ~ Z of Portugal

And then just click on the links below to read my A ~ Z posts – I’ll add each one as I write it for you.

A is for the Algarve

B is for Birds

C is for Churches

D is for Doors

E is for Economy

F is for Fish

G is for Graffiti

H is for Holidays logo

I is for Iceland

J is for Jose post

K is for Kindness

L is for Learning

M is for Market Algarve Blog

N is for Nativity banner

O is for Oranges

And P is coming soon – and Q will be a quiz once we have completed the alphabet

R is for Residency

Come back soon for more posts!


36 Responses to My A ~ Z of Portugal

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  5. restlessjo says:

    RT’d you! You must be due a break. Huge amount of work here.

    • ferragudofan says:

      thanks Jo – Julie did all the hard work on the new site – I just have badges and banners coming out of my ears!!!! ;)
      I’ve just uploaded 2 posts to the new site and it DOES get really easy once you have done it once or twice … and the numbers of blogs will grow each day I am sure!
      if you need a hand with anything – just shout!
      off to bed now! :)

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  14. I’ve never been to Portugal, it’s on my bucket list. Ill be back to learn more about Portugal! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

    • ferragudofan says:

      you’re welcome – if you fancy a challenge why not join us with an A to Z of Sardinia – it would be lovely to find out more about your adopted country too! :)

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    • ferragudofan says:

      Thank you so much for your lovely kind words and for featuring Algarve Blog – and if any of my blog readers haven’t discovered the East of Málaga blog yet – do hurry over there it’s great!

  25. oasien says:

    Bravo pour votre merveilleux blog. Il est super.

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