Life in the Algarve Survey – Meravista

What’s life like for you in the Algarve?

Complete Meravista’s survey today and you could win a case of wine.

Meravista logo If you’re an expat living in the Algarve, then Meravista would love to hear from you!

Meravista, one of the Algarve’s newest property websites, is conducting a survey to collect information and personal opinions from as many expats as possible who live in the region. They will use the details they collate to help support their promotion of the Algarve as a wonderful place for a second home, relocation hotspot or retirement destination.

If you live here in the Algarve, you’ll know exactly why you moved here and what you love about life on this charismatic tip of southern Portugal. But think back to when you were just considering relocating to the region and the questions and uncertainties you had about taking such a big step.

By taking part in their survey you will be helping them to promote life and living in the Algarve to people looking to buy a holiday home abroad and to those considering relocating or retiring to warmer climes. The Meravista Algarve Expat Survey should take you about ten minutes to complete. It’s simple to work through and there are a number of multiple choice questions and lots of free text space to give you an opportunity to tell them more if you want to. Basically, they’d just like you to tell them a little bit about yourself, why you moved here and what Algarvean life is like for you.

They ask questions like:

What type of property do you own?

Do you have children at school in the Algarve?

What are your favourite hobbies?

How do you spend your leisure time?

Meravista survey screenshot

They want to hear from people of all ages and nationality to take part in their survey – which is completely free to complete. So, whether you are retired, running your own business or employed here, you can complete the survey and tell them why you chose to move to the region and what you think of the Algarve lifestyle.

To thank you for taking part in their survey, you can opt to be entered into their prize draw to win a case of delicious fine Portuguese wine. Three lucky winners will be drawn when the survey closes and will be informed by email.

So if you are happy to complete the survey – you can click the logo here and be taken straight to the start of the survey:

Meravista survey

Alternatively you can click this link here:

The survey closes on 9th November 2013


Please don’t forget to tell your friends and family about their survey too! 


You will be able to read about the survey results and see how your view of life in the Algarve compares to others. Meravista will be posting results and information on their Blog page soon after the survey closes in early November; and we are hoping to have links to the results here on our Algarve Blog too.

 *Just to be open and transparent here – we don’t have any involvement in the survey or its results from this blog – we were just asked if we were able to promote it for Meravista – which we were happy to do free of charge as it seemed like such a good idea – anything that promotes life in the Algarve seems like a positive thing to us!

And just to remind you of how beautiful life here in the Algarve can be, here’s one of Dave’s recent photographs of Alvor for you to enjoy:

Dave Sheldrake Photography

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