Total Harmony

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are” Chinese Proverb

We are always keen to promote and support other businesses in the Algarve on our blog – the nice thing about owning a blog that does not rely on advertising revenue is that we don’t have to do this – which also means that if we do recommend a product or service you can be sure that we have personally experienced it – and think it brilliant enough that we want to share it with you all.

That is definitely the case with today’s featured business – Total Harmony massage and beauty salon.

Total Harmony Massage and Beauty Salon #001

I was lucky enough to have Dave book me in for a full body aromatherapy massage for my birthday here at the end of last year – I’m a big fan of a massage done well – but fearful of a half-hearted number where you feel that you are on a bit of a production line – or worse!

So off I went to the Holiday Inn hotel at Armação de Pêra, where the Total Harmony salon is based, and met the engaging and charming Chloe. Funnily enough we had found out that Chloe, who comes from the West Country, went to school with one of our best friends. We had met her when we had our exhibitions at the hotel last year, but obviously only on a social level, and instantly liked her.

On this occasion I was met at the door of the salon by a professional, warm and welcoming lady with a beaming smile, and made to feel instantly special. Chloe seems to have that perfect balance of being professional and friendly, she encourages you to enter her salon and leave the world behind for an hour. I was very happy to oblige!

Total Harmony Massage and Beauty Salon #001

Chloe specialises in aromatherapy and holistic treatments, including Reiki. Her salon at the hotel is small, but inviting. It also smelt wonderful, and it was obvious that Chloe takes a real pride in her work and enjoys what she does.

She also doesn’t play any pan pipe music (sorry for anyone that likes that – but I personally find it quite off-putting!) Instead, quiet gentle music played as she went through all of the questions you would expect before a massage can begin – and then I was left to settle and await my massage.

Total Harmony Massage and Beauty Salon #002

Quite simply – it was possibly the best aromatherapy massage I have ever had! I was left feeling more ‘alive’ than I had in ages, and felt thoroughly pampered and spoilt.

It’s not just me though that thinks Chloe is something special though, you can check out the reviews on Trip Advisor for the hotel, where the salon often gets a special mention:

“SPA – My friend and I both had the full body massage in the Spa with Chloe – she was lovely and we loved the experience, I loved it so much that I went back for a hot wax pedicure as well – We would both highley [sic] recommend paying her a visit to help you truly relax into your holiday!!!”

Total Harmony Massage and Beauty Salon #003

Chloe is also mentioned on the hotel’s own blog too, with customer satisfaction and care high on the list of attributes [The Garbe is the previous name of the Holiday Inn hotel] – click the hotel logo below for more reviews like this one:

“I went to see Chloe on the second day of my holiday, I was feeling quite stressed she gave me a full body massage I can honestly say it was the best I had ever had. She is a very caring person and took time to talk to you, I felt great after and enjoyed the rest of my 2 week stay at the Garbe. Wish she lived near me!! See you next year Chloe”

Holiday Inn Advert

Chloe is registered with the Institute of Health and Holistic Therapies, and proudly displays all her certificates in the salon:

Total Harmony Massage and Beauty Salon #004 Chloe offers a range of treatments, including Indian head massage, Reflexology, facials, manicures and pedicures, and something I have always wanted to try – hot stone therapy – so I am definitely going to be booking to go back there again soon!

If you want to book a treatment you can call Chloe on (+351) 964 874 370 or e-mail her on She is open Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm by appointment.

Total Harmony Massage and Beauty Salon #005

I leave you with another lovely review by a satisfied customer at the hotel:

“Having just returned from yet another holiday at The Garbe and during that time had many treatments with Chloe, I would like to assure anyone thinking of having a treatment – to do so! Chloe is a very professional lady whose expertise is second to none. She is also a very caring person and attentive at all times! My “special” treatment is a Hot Stones Massage – which is absolutely wonderful and very relaxing – away with the stress! To newcomers to The Garbe – go on, spoil yourself, enjoy, I know you will!”

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5 Responses to Total Harmony

  1. Gallivanta says:

    Oh book me in. Exactly what I need. Reflexology, Indian head massage. Feel better already just thinking about it.

  2. I don’t mind pan pipes! But I could do without for such a wonderfully relaxing pamper! This sounds just wonderful to me. :-)

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