CBBH Photo Challenge: Blue

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Thank you to the blog East of Málaga for this monthly Photo Challenge – just click the logo above for more information about how this challenge works. You can also click this link to read their post for this month’s challenge: CBBH Photo Challenge 

I will also be using this challenge as a way of enjoying some of my favourite photographs of the Algarve ~ and even linking you up with some other blog posts you might enjoy that we have previously written.


is a beautiful colour, the colour of the sky and sea and our planet – and one of the three primary colours. I love this chart which shows the colour meaning and symbolism for blue – click the chart for the link to the Art Therapy blog this comes from:


is also the theme for November’s Challenge ~ and it has been an almost impossible task for me to choose a few pictures from our collection – but here are the photos I have chosen to represent this theme:

Blue A3 Art #1

Well I had to start with a shot of the beach and the crashing waves for you! The blues in this shot are so calm and restful, yet the surf shows such power and majesty.

Blue A3 Art #2

Not far from the shore you will often find old rotting boats sat forlornly on the sand, beached just high enough to escape the tide, and left to peel and rot in the sun. I love the strong blue paint on this boat, it demands to be remembered even as it is abandoned.

Blue A3 Art #3

But it’s not just the boats that are painted and abandoned, this old building in Portimão has been given the graffiti touch, and now stands tall and proud. For more shots like this on the Algarve, you might enjoy this post G is for Graffiti

Blue A3 Art #4

And before you ask – no this has not had the sky colour changed in Photoshop!

At this time of year, we often have the most amazing skies and sunsets, and this was last week on one of our favourite beaches, and shows off the wonderful range of colours that live within the blue spectrum. It’s almost turquoise and truly stunning.

Blue A3 Art #5

Regular readers will know of our love of the Silves Medieval Fair held each summer – and this has to be one of my favourite shots from this year – we even had a Polish site on Facebook decide that this was their ‘pic of the year’ – wow!

Blue A3 Art #6

Just to show another feature of the range of blues on offer to us – this is a much colder, frostier blue in the sky and nets which gives a much more dramatic feel to the shot than a standard ‘bright blue’ sky – and also proves that not every day is a brilliantly sunny day over here!

Blue A3 Art #7

I thought I’d add something completely different for you as well – Dave went off playing around in a local fountain (literally!) to try to shoot water droplets – and this is the result! I love how each droplet is like a mini-universe reflecting the sky behind.

Blue A3 Art #8

And it’s not just the skies, boats and buildings that are blue around here! This was a shot of a street artist face-painting – I love that even her dress matches her designs – and those blue lips are stunning!

Blue A3 Art #9

You can’t really do a series of ‘blue’ shots of the Algarve and not include the wonderful traditional Azulejos that are all over our buildings and houses – for more information about these you might enjoy our Tiles, Iced Tea and Toilet Rolls post.

Blue A3 Art #10

And for something different again – we thought you might like this quirky shot taken on a local beach last summer – there’s a story just waiting to be told here!

Blue A3 Art #11

One of my favourite times of day is that wonderful moment at dusk when it’s not daylight anymore – but not yet dark night – and the sky can sometimes turn the most wonderful shade of indigo – perfect as a backdrop to this boat at Portimão harbour which is actually a floating restaurant.

Blue A3 Art #12

And finally – one of my favourite shots that Dave has taken recently – and a completely different – and unusual – shade of blue for you. I’m even struggling to know what to call it – or where on the colour chart I would place it – I think I’d be reaching for a prussian blue added to a mid grey with a touch of white if I were trying to mix this one – and probably end up chewing the end of my paint brush for a while until I got it right – but it really is beautiful.

I hope you have enjoyed our selection of Blue shots for you – and if you want to see our photographs from previous months – just click the link here:

CBBH Challenge

Thanks again to the blog East of Málaga for this challenge and here’s a link to two more of my favourite blogs ~ who might even be up for the challenge of joining us every month – who knows?!

Two Minutes of Grace Debbie writes with real passion and feeling


HapiDayz brilliant travel writing with gorgeous photos

For more about our art and photography – just click the A3 Art logo here:

Wonder what December’s theme will be?

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43 Responses to CBBH Photo Challenge: Blue

  1. maria jorge says:

    Absolutely stunning pictures ! Those gorgeous, mysterious dark eyes emerging from the blue… no wonder such a colorful and real image was selected !

  2. sami veloso says:

    Amazing shots Alyson, my favourite are the beach ones with the different ranges of blue skies.

  3. restlessjo says:

    Ooh, I enjoyed that, Aly. Can you haul that blue boat up the beach for me? I could give it a good home. Apart from that photo I love the evening shot of Portimao. Something for everybody.

  4. adinparadise says:

    Truly fabulous blues, Dave. They’re all my favourites, but your ‘pic of the year’ one really stands out from the rest. :)

    • ferragudofan says:

      thanks – Dave is ‘hopeless’ at actually ‘doing’ this blog – even though I give him most of the credit… but I will pass on your kind words – he’s sat next to me! ;)

  5. tobyo says:

    beautiful photos!! Love the Sagrada Familia tiles as well as the boat at night. wow….

  6. Jenn says:

    stunning photos :) simply WOW :D

  7. Marianne says:

    OH what wonderful blue photographs, Alyson – no wonder you were spoiled for choice. Dave is such a great photographer. I always associate the colour BLUE with Portugal so I knew you would have lots of photos to chose from.

    I love all of the images but the one that jumps out to me is the one of the water droplets – that is just amazing!

    Thanks for the links to two (new to me) blogs – so I’m looking forward to visiting them right away!

    • ferragudofan says:

      Ah thanks so much! Dave is just loving what he is doing and learning all the time – the water droplets were great fun, I was there watching him dancing in and out of this enormous fountain we have in Portimao – it’s like a wide arch of water you can actually walk through – but he still managed to get wet!!! ;)

  8. These are all such fabulous blue photos ! Truly stunning.

  9. Mridula says:

    Amazing shots….Loved the 2nd, 5th, 6th and last pictures more!

  10. These are gorgeous blue photos! I especially love the one of the face painting artist with her blue lips and dress, along with all your blue skies and water. I really love the last shot too!

  11. sueannm66 says:

    A very thorough exploration of blue. Interesting meanings

  12. Lynne Ayers says:

    Some really beautiful photos here – and gorgeous blues.

  13. i can’t believe i missed your fantastic blue post – some outstanding shots, images that will stay in my mind :)

  14. indiferent says:

    It’s a really inspiration for my novel: blue is the color will define the world ! :) Thank you ! :)

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