Blog round-up!

“Life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quickly you hardly catch it going” Tennessee Williams 

It’s been a busy 2-3 months on the blog, so I thought it would be useful to have a quick round-up of some of my favourite posts, images and links of the last couple of months – so grab a cup of tea (or a glass of wine!), sit back, click on the images to find the links and enjoy!

Algarve Blog

One of the posts I have recently enjoyed the most is this one:

Algarve Insider Tips post

I always love being able to share Dave’s photographs with you – and this post gave me the chance to combine them with some hints and tips about where to go – and what to see – across the Algarve. Whether you are a photographer, walker, local or tourist – there’s something in here for everyone!


Facebook here we come!

We now have a page on Facebook for Algarve Blog:

Algarve Blog on Facebook

It is proving to be a popular page – somewhere that we can share more information and links with you all – so if you are on Facebook and you haven’t discovered us yet – click the link above and come over and say ‘hello!’ – and do click the ‘like’ button to make sure you keep up to date!


New Challenge!

We have recently joined the CBBH Photo Challenge from one of our lovely blog friends over in Spain – click the link to find out more about this:

CBBH Challenge - Repetition

It has given us the chance to share more photographs with you of this beautiful Algarve region – any excuse!


My A to Z of Portugal

We promise that we haven’t forgotten this! We are up to K in the alphabet:

K is for Kindness post

And L is coming soon!


Awards and Listings

Expats Blog Algarve Blog

We are now listed on and there will even be an interview soon for you to enjoy!

We would love it if you could take just 2 minutes to click the logo above and add a quick review on our blog to the page – thank you!


Sad news

We were very sad to report about the terrible blaze that recently destroyed the shopping centre at Portimão – with its resulting loss of jobs and shops:

Blaze destroys Algarve Shopping Centre


Guides and Information

We like to try and give you information that is useful – and on this recent post we had a go at answering two of the most popular questions we are asked – when to visit the Algarve – and what’s the weather like?

When to Visit the Algarve

If there are questions you would like to see us tackle – just add them in the comments box below!


Favourite Comments

There have been so many! Thank you to everyone that takes the time to comment on the blog – we really do appreciate every single comment! (And we always try to reply to each one)

Here are some that we have particularly enjoyed reading and replying to this time:

“I love the new year ice cream. A tradition well worth establishing :) 

“So many wonderful things to see all during the year (stork families, festivals, cliff-top walks), which all makes it hard to decide when to visit. I guess the only solution is to make several trips at different times of year. Thank you for such an informative post and lovely pics.”

“And someone hasn’t tapped you to do paid travel advertisements? What’s wrong with them! I’m not much of a traveler, for many reasons, but I would be so tempted to come your way. You have shared so many lovely reasons why! :) 

“I enjoyed reading this, brought a smile to my face – wish all people all over the world could be the same.”

“OH Alyson – you´ve got the whole of the Algarve joining in with this month´s theme. How wonderful! As soon as I decide that one of your photographs will be my favourite, the next one just blows me away.”

“So what I get from this is, so long as you don’t mind the odd rain shower, there’s no wrong time to visit the Algarve :) 


Favourite Photograph

A difficult one as there are so many to choose  from – however I have selected this one for you:

Ferragudo at Night Algarve


We hope that you have enjoyed all the links and posts – and don’t forget to give us a quick review on the ExpatsBlog page – thanks everyone!

Expats Blog Algarve Blog

See you again soon! 

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4 Responses to Blog round-up!

  1. sami veloso says:

    Lovely round up and a most beautiful photo!! I too am on the Expat Blog awards under Australia. I will cast my vote for you.

  2. I’m using my Friday night to get caught up–and I’m so glad I stopped by. You have quite an assortment of wonderful posts. The photography is incredibly beautiful. Good luck with the ExPats blog. That’s an exciting contribution and I’m sure you’ll find a whole new community who benefit from your point of view! You have a really lovely collection, and it is always refreshing to make a stop here! Debra

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