CBBH Photo Challenge: Windows

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Thank you to the blog East of Málaga for this monthly Photo Challenge – just click the logo above for more information about how this challenge works. You can also click this link to read their post for this month’s challenge: CBBH Photo Challenge 

I will also be using this challenge as a way of enjoying some of my favourite photographs of the Algarve ~ and this month I have been spoilt for choice with a great theme:


This challenge also gives me the chance to try out the new WordPress Gallery format too. So this month I have simply chosen my favourite 12 pictures – and numbered them for you – so please let me know which one is your favourite in the comments below. If you hover over each image you can see the number I have given it and clicking an image will start a full-sized carousel for you – hope you enjoy them!

*just a hint – if you are in the carousel and you want to get out – just click anywhere in the empty black space and you will come back to this page!

If you have enjoyed these pictures then you might also enjoy a similar post entitled D is for Doors or an older post entitled Tiles, ice tea and toilet rolls

To view my previous entries into this challenge just click the link here:

CBBH Challenge

And here are the links to two more of my favourite blogs – hope you enjoy them:

Restless Jo - roaming in the UK, Portugal and Poland with charm and warmth

Expat Mom in Portugal - real life!

And don’t forget to add a comment below and let me know which Windows photo is your favourite…

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31 Responses to CBBH Photo Challenge: Windows

  1. writecrites says:

    How could I possibly choose? They are all beautiful. What a fabulous collection. Some look like you have done some digital artwork on them to make them even more beautiful. And please share what type of gallery format you used. I don’t remember seeing this one.

  2. Marianne says:

    Love the Gallery format, Alyson – it really sets off your collection of windows :) My favourite? I´m hard pressed to choose, but I keep returning to the first photo – it´s almost like a beautiful painting.

    Thanks for being a regular contributor to the CBBH Monthly Photo
    Challenge and for your continuing support. Much appreciated.

    • ferragudofan says:

      you’re welcome! number 1 proved to be very popular at our recent exhibition too!
      I’m loving the challenge – I can just about manage the ‘month’ – although it still comes round quick!

      • Marianne says:

        Yes, it´s quite surprising how quickly even a month comes around.

        I´m pleased to have been able to have returned the review of the recent blog review on the new Expat site – hope you win GOLD in Portugal! :)

  3. I love windows and these photos are fantastic, as ever. I think my favourites are number one and seven. The gallery thing is great, isn’t it?

  4. 1, 3, 4, and 6 are my favorites. Mostly because they’re old and show something else about the character of the owners. :-)

  5. fgassette says:

    Love your gallery of windows. I like no. 11 because I am retired from a company who make glass for all types of buildings, airplanes and automobiles. Thanks for sharing.


  6. adinparadise says:

    Beautiful collection, Alyson. That lady at the window in #9 looks just like the one I saw in Lisbon. :) http://adinparadise.wordpress.com/2012/09/19/weekly-photo-challenge-everyday-life/

    • ferragudofan says:

      yes I have a theory that every little village has their own ‘watchkeeper’ ! we also have the obligatory bench in each village for the men – and then the women – to take it in turns to sit and chat together!

  7. Number 5 – I’m a sucker for a cute face :)

  8. Number One! I love the colors and the simple rustic window! :-) They are all great, but that IS my favorite.

  9. What a great collection! I particularly liked the gritty, decayed by age and neglect windows – displaying so much character :)

  10. Paula says:

    Window no. 6 ;) A really lovely post :) My entry for this theme will appear by the end of the week :)

  11. Jo Bryant says:

    fabulous selection – but number 5 is too cute not to pick

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  13. megtraveling says:

    My favorite is number 6 because I like seeing laundry hanging from the window! But they’re all wonderful :)

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