CBBH Photo Challenge: Repetition

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Thank you to the blog East of Málaga for this monthly Photo Challenge – just click the logo above for more information about how this challenge works. You can also click this link to read their post for this month’s challenge: CBBH Photo Challenge 

I will also be using this challenge as a way of enjoying some of my favourite photographs of the Algarve ~ and even linking you up with some other blog posts you might enjoy that we have previously written. We’ve been a bit busy this month so we are just squeaking this one in before the end of the month!


is September’s Challenge ~ so here are the photos I have chosen to represent this theme:

Repetition #1

You can’t really start with Algarve and not mention the beaches! In the summer they are a riot of colour and shapes, as holidaymakers stretch out to enjoy the gorgeous sunny weather.

Repetition #2

The setting sun creates the perfect backdrop to these sun-loungers – but don’t worry that it will always be busy on the beach – if you know where to go – there’s always some empty spaces!

Repetition #3

Sometimes it is in the sand itself that you can find repetition and patterns:

Repetition #4

These rocks on a small beach on the West Coast show some of the magnificent geology you can find on our beaches too:

Repetition #5

The Algarve also has an abundance of tiles and cobbles for you to enjoy, with strikingly complex patterns and shapes replicated along long stretches of walkways:

Repetition #6

This one at Praia da Luz just entices you to come and promenade in the late afternoon sun:

Repetition #7

If you are lucky you can even find some disused railway line to help you with the ‘Repetition’ theme:

Repetition #8

And once more the cobbles call you back – they are all laid by hand – a long and arduous job:

Repetition #9

But the results can often be spectacular – like this winding street in Tavira:

Repetition #10

The arable landscape that surrounds most of the villages on the Algarve can also bring inspiration – as well as a great tendency for planting in straight lines:

Repetition #11

And even the fountains in the squares can be encouraged to join in the theme:

Repetition #12

These boats looked so cute all lined up in the harbour at Sagres – they look like dolphins all ready to launch!

Repetition #13

And these chairs all stacked up outside a restaurant added a real splash of colour to the proceedings:

Repetition #14

This is one of my favourite shots though – one of those moments you cannot predict – an entire field full of White Storks, all lined up waiting for the call to fly:

Repetition #15

And I leave you with more bursts of shape and colour in these wonderful fishermen’s pots you see on every harbour-side:

Repetition #16

Thanks again to the blog East of Málaga for this challenge – and with the calendar on my wall about to change again – it looks like we’ll be back soon with the October challenge!

And here’s a link to two more of my favourite blogs ~ who might even be up for the challenge of joining us every month – who knows?!

Sami’s Colourful world - expat life in Australia

Traveling Meg - with great photos!

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20 Responses to CBBH Photo Challenge: Repetition

  1. Marianne says:

    OH Alyson – you´ve got the whole of the Algarve joining in with this month´s theme. How wonderful! As soon as I decide that one of your photographs will be my favourite, the next one just blows me away.

    Thanks for a fantastic entry to the CBBH Photo Challenge for September on Repetition :)

    I´ll HOP over and have a look at your two recommended blogs now.

  2. Christine says:

    Fantastic pics again, they are lovely. Hope the exhibition is going well.

  3. thirdeyemom says:

    Wonderful pictures! Great entry!

  4. These are beautiful and fascinating pictures of the Algarve for the Repetition theme. Thanks for visiting my blog. Now I can come here to learn more about your home!!

  5. adinparadise says:

    All your pics are just fabulous, Ferra. It would be very hard to choose a favourite, but I think the sunset one wins overall. :) Well done.

  6. I don’t think I can choose a favorite! They are all gorgeous photos. I love the beaches, and I know I would be very comfortable living in Algarve! It’s so gorgeous. I particularly admire the photo of the fountain…but then I also love the photo of the Palm trees and the patterned walkway. With the trees it looks a lot like some of my favorite beach areas in Southern California! I think we may have similar climates! :-)

    • ferragudofan says:

      thank you for your kind comments – I’m so glad you like so many of the photos!
      we have fab sunny weather from about May til October – anything from 25 – 40 degrees. What a lot of people don’t realise is that we do get quite a bit of rain in the winter months – although we also have lots of lovely sunny winter days too – and it can get quite cold at night in the winter!

  7. I think my favourite is the chairs – I love the contrasting colours. The red and white boats are so cute too!

    • ferragudofan says:

      thanks Julie – it’s a fun challenge isn’t it – this theme really got me thinking and routing through the albums – and even taking a few shots too (hence the late entry!)

  8. Lisaman says:

    Love the photos especially the repitition of tyre tracks in the sand!!! What fun and a trip to the Algarve a must in the future!!

  9. writecrites says:

    What a great array of photos. I love them all. And the boats really DO look like dolphins. I am so pleased you are now following my blog, and also that I found you and am now following yours. Portugal is high on my “next” list of places to visit.

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