CBBH Photo Challenge: Looking Up

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Thank you to the blog East of Málaga for this monthly Photo Challenge – just click the logo above for more information about how this challenge works. You can also click this link to read their opening post for this month’s challenge: CBBH Photo Challenge 

I will also be using this challenge as a way of enjoying some of my favourite photographs of the Algarve ~ and even linking you up with some other blog posts you might enjoy that we have written previously. So here goes…

Looking Up

is the title of this month’s Challenge ~ and here are the photos that I have chosen to represent this theme:

Looking Up …steps!

Looking Up 001

We are always on the lookout for a new angle or a new way of viewing things ~ and often crouching down (or even lying on the floor!) and looking up is the only way to go! If there are steps to be found, you can be sure that we will try to use them to ‘lead you’ into a photograph:

Looking Up 002

The picture above was from our post D is for Doors if you would like to see more shots like this one!

Looking up … inside buildings!

Looking Up 003

Roofs and interiors of buildings – especially churches – fascinate me. I love the film What Dreams May Come – there is a scene where they are in an upturned cathedral like building, walking on the upturned roof inside – it was quite something! Very gothic and mysterious. So I always look up in a church and imagine it as another room …

Looking Up 004

Sometimes it can be quite a shock to look up in a church! This shot is from the Capela dos Ossos or ‘Chapel of Bones’ in Faro – to find out more about this church you will need to read our post Don’t Rush Away from Faro

Looking Up … into the sky!

Looking Up 005

The only way to take decent shots of birds in flight is to be very patient! Oh – and having a good camera lens helps too! I love this shot that Dave took of a seagull in flight – so majestic and commanding on the wing.

Looking Up 006

Fans of this blog will know that we adore the White Storks that nest all around here on chimney stacks and high buildings –  I love this shot as it seems as if even the Stork is thinking ‘Crikey, it’s a long way down!’ For more about the birds of the Algarve check out our post B is for Birds

Looking Up … outside!

Looking Up 007

Sometimes the best angle is the one that looks straight up ~ and in the Algarve with a shot like this you are almost always guaranteed a blue sky for a dramatic background.

Looking Up 008

And sometimes looking up introduces you to new people ~ like this delightful local lady from Silves who was very happy to have her photograph taken!

Looking Up … at the sun!

Looking Up 009

A rare shot of me for you on the blog – enjoying the sunshine! This was taken in the depths of winter too!

Looking Up 010

And I leave you with a fab shot of the sunset that we enjoy from our balcony window  – it’s stunningly beautiful.

And here’s a link to two of my favourite blogs – both of whom use really great photos to illustrate their writing ~ and might even be up for the challenge of joining us every month – who knows?!

My Sardinian Life – La Mia Vita Sarda ~ well written, interesting and informative writing

Julie Dawn Fox in Portugal ~ more well researched, real-life writing about life in Portugal

And don’t forget to check out the blog East of Málaga for more information about this monthly Photo Challenge.

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22 Responses to CBBH Photo Challenge: Looking Up

  1. Marianne says:

    What a fantastic start to the CBBH Challenge you have made, Alyson! I´d be hard pressed to say which of your photos is my favourite, as they are all stunning.

    We drove across to Portugal a couple of years ago and spent a four or five days travelling the length of the Algarve coast. I was particularly impressed with the gorgeous golden sandy beaches. Faro was very interesting and I have some similar shots to you, taken from the tower of the Cathedral, as well as the extraordinary storks and their nests!

    I was particularly interested in your photograph of the “Chapel of Bones”, which reminded me of our visit to Choeung Ek (better known as The Killing Fields) in Cambodia earlier this year, where there is glass monument to the victims of the Khmer Rouge, containing over 9,000 skulls.

    I´m already familiar with Jennifer´s blog at My Sardinian Life, but I´ll hop straight over to Julie´s place right now, and say HELLO!

    Well done!

    • ferragudofan says:

      thanks very much Marianne! glad you like them
      if you are ever heading our way again – give us a shout! :) we hope to explore the western borders of Spain some day too … so I am avidly reading your blog for ideas and locations…

  2. Thank you kindly for the wonderful shout-out! Virtual hugs your way! These photos are amazing, I just love the blue door! I wonder what’s behind it…

  3. fgassette says:

    Wonderful variety of photos displaying the theme, looking up. Thank you for sharing.


  4. sutira says:

    A terrific post. Great series of images that make me want to look up!

  5. What beautiful photos! I love the one of you just drinking in the sunshine! You have the most sublime expression! :-) The idea of “looking up” and capturing interesting angles and perspectives is such a beautiful metaphor for how we might live a balanced life! I really enjoyed your photos! Debra

  6. Paula says:

    Nicely done Alyson. I’ve enjoyed each one of them :)

  7. restlessjo says:

    I like the one looking up at the vaulted church ceiling best, Aly. Wonderful angle. Are these all Dave’s shots? Happy for you that you have an up and coming exhibition.

    • ferragudofan says:

      thanks Jo! if you hover over the pics you can see which of us took each one … and yay mine’s the vaulted ceiling :) !!!
      exhibition coming around a bit quick – so I’m busy painting!!! ….

  8. Congrats! I have just nominated you for an award…
    stop by CTB and get all the details :)


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  10. Thanks again, Aly for tagging me on this one. I love your photos, and Dave’s of course! Here’s my effort: http://wp.me/pWYDB-B5

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