My Personal A to Z Challenge


My Personal A to Z Challenge is up and running!

Well as you probably already know, this started out as a Portugal based series of blog posts – ‘My Personal A ~ Z of Portugal’ by the wonderful blog Julie Dawn Fox and very quickly at least 6 bloggers joined in – and then before we knew it – we had bloggers all round the world joining in!

The idea is simple – to take each letter of the alphabet in turn and write a different post using the letter as the basis for a post…

Now, it has gone a big step further and there is now The Personal A to Z Challenge for all bloggers!

You can now adapt your Personal A to Z to suit your topic, whatever that might be. So if you blog about art, for example, your personal A to Z might include posts about artists you love and hate, techniques or materials, time of day, mood, anything you want. The point is that it’s personal and therefore unique. Find out more by clicking this link to Julie’s latest post My Personal A to Z Blogging Challenge

Why not join us!?

To find out more about how to get involved, share your posts and exchange links with other bloggers find out more by clicking the link to this hub site for My Personal A to Z Blogging Challenge. It would be great to have lots of bloggers join in – and don’t worry – there’s no timescale for this to happen – you can post as often – or as slowly as you want to.

And please tell your blogging friends about it, too! Use the buttons below to share this post and spread the word.

You can find out more about how I am doing this by clicking on this badge:

My A to Z of Portugal

And click here to read A is for the Algarve and here B is for is for Beirão, Licor Beirão to see examples of this in action!


There are lots of logos and badges to support you with this challenge and liven up your blog site – click here to find out more…


Please note:

I will no longer be updating or maintaining the pages I had set up on this site to collate posts – it is so much better now that everything is now going to be in one place for all blogs – so please jump over to the new site (click the logo above!) and Register Now!

You can also join the ‘My Personal A to Z Challenge’ Facebook page – click the link below:

and a special huge ‘thank you’ to Julie for setting up this new site for us all :)

Happy blogging!

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